Tuesday, September 12, 2006


because back in april 2005
i got a plane ticket to NYC
just to see them in concert...
(ok the concert was on my birthday day and i saw a sign there)

yet another superb french band
hope you like them too


from their album before the dawn heals us
the song Don't save us from the Flames
a lovely video & story of a girl who very much likes ghosts..
being in love with one, take a look...

A piece of brain in my hair...
A ghost screaming your name...

Voltaire provides the quote of the day

Voltaire once said:

'Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.'

but he also said:

'A witty saying proves nothing.'

what leaves me right to where i started... mmm?
oh, well! to deal with the circle of the unknown doubted, yet always well-regarded, life...

where the only condition that is not to doubt, is the certainty that one day we will all die...
(but when?)

therefore, try to enjoy in the meantime...
Voltaire would've liked that