Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire in San Diego, still NOT under control

the fires in San Diego county
are still NOT under control

about 250,000 people have been asked
to leave their homes

so far so many homes have been lost
in different areas of the city

there is an official
Fire-blog from Sign0nSanDiego
for online news
and the
San Diego County Emergency Homepage

all local news TV Channels
fox 6
nbc 7/39
and all the other local channels
are just transmitting about the Fires

there are fires also in Los Angeles
and San Bernardino areas

but San Diego county is the most affected
here the areas of the city to be evacuated or possible evacuated
all the way to the Coast... very sad

still ALL offices and Schools
including major universities
are CLOSED on Tuesday
the whole city is in state of Emergency

they are asking people that has not being evacuated
like me
to stay home and keep of the roads
also the air quality is pretty bad
heavy with smoke and very dry

the main Evacuation center is
Qualcomm Stadium
that is 10 minutes from my house!

where about 10, 000 persons
are sleeping tonight!!!
there are about 19 centers open
for the evacuees to take refugee for the night

and the saddest part, the fires are not controlled yet
and the weather is not helping at all!
they expect the strong winds and temperature to come down
until Wednesday

they are asking also to keep alert during night
as the fires with the strong winds might change direction...
so i guess for a long night of coffee and knitting here...

today the sky has this strange sad
very sad orange and grayish tint
smoke and fire
it is almost surreal

just like it did 4 year ago, in 2003
when the Cedar fires happened
and we thought that was the worst fire in California ever!
just 4 years and here we go again

the infamous Santa Ana winds
very dry winds and strong winds
on an almost hurricane speed
are the main reason why the fire
is so hard to keep under control
but just
keep safe!

sunny diego on fire!

October is the fire month
but this time
seem that San Diego has been hit
by one of the worst fires in
California story

last night, I went to bed
watching on the news how 2
big fires took over San Diego County

but this morning, at 5am
i turn on the TV
and the 2 fires have become 8 fires!

the very dry and highly windy conditions
have made this fire very hard to control

so far, many areas of the East and North county
of San Diego have been evacuated

most schools and offices are closed
i went to work but they close the office around 9.30 am
so i came back home
and we all San Diegans are just waiting for
these fires to get under control

the only hope is that the weather helps
specially the winds to mellow

so far Southern California and all the San Diego
city and County have been declared in
state of emergency

the Governator is here in San Diego
and we have so far Federal support to stop
the fire, but sometimes now even all the money
or efforts can stop Nature

we can just can hope for the wind to change direction
and be ready in case of evacuation...

hopefully, things will be back to "normal"
in our city soon