Saturday, September 12, 2015

Save Water, Eat Plants!

I am proud and thankful to be part of the Truth or Drought team
I design many of the graphics, the leaflets and lawn signs

lawn sign design, so many people in California got our signs!
I am so humbled and thankful for all the people displaying our lawn sing on the front yards!
I do this as a volunteer on my free time,
not that I have much as I work full time as a graphic designer
but since I became an activist for the animals
I truly enjoy working on graphics or talking to people
about not eating animals, or using them on any abusive way
or going to protests...
just as the other members or Truth or Drought
we all volunteer our 'free' time...
we are a small group (mainly 3 people, lately 2 others are helping too)
we created this group to open people's eyes
to the fact that animal agriculture is causing the
devastating water shortages in California (and the planet)
All of our research is fully sourced by scientific research!
Here the latest graphic I created under Lorelei Plotczyk's supervision
and her superb research work. She writes and researches all the
graphics for T or D. I only make them a visual reality.

It is plain and simple: We (the entire planet) are running out of water. Animal agriculture uses a LOT of water and creates all sort of environmental problems, and needless cruelty & suffering, for both animals & humans. We can eat the plant protein directly and save water, stop the suffering, and heal our planet. Nowadays you can find vegan hamburgers in every supermarket, they taste better than the 'real' thing too and are healthier, you can find chicken-less chicken, all sorts of non-dairy cheeses, you can find cow milk substitutes (or make your own), you can find vegan cakes, cupcakes, donuts, pies, pancakes, etc. etc. etc. So if you eat animals is only because you are OK with violence, cruelty and destroying the planet, see? Plain & simple ‪#‎SaveWaterEatPlants‬‪#‎TruthOrDrought‬