Thursday, October 05, 2006


lovely clay animation for young kids made in Switzerland
i used to watch these Pingu Episodes in Mexican TV, in Canal 11
the only decent TV channel in Mexico City

This is a nice episode: Pingu builds an Igloo
Althought it is missing Pingu's best friend Robbie the seal
I still enjoy them, even if I have been out of preschool for a while now

One thing that made these clay-cartoons so popular was the fact that they don't speak any specific language, but they communicate on "Penguinese"...


a great tool online for designers, photoshop users
or color-lovers in general...

visit the link and play a bit with the RGB bars
and see how a matching colour palette is created
you can export your palettes to Photoshop, Illustrator
and find PANTONE matches
or e-mail yourself the colors selected
pretty cool!

go padres go!

I am not a huge Baseball fan
but it is always nice to know the San Diego Padres are on the Playoff!
and it is contagious to see a lot of San Diegans wearing Padres T-shirts
they lost the first round against the St. Louis Cardinals
but hopefully on the second round (about to start now...)
the Sun Diego sunshine will shine for the Padres! GO Padres GO!