Friday, March 10, 2006

americana breakfast on a friday day

smell of tuna sandwich
but the coffee straight and black balances it ok out
acoustic on the back
not yes does matter anymore since why?
the smell
one one one
one on top of the other one
mattered one day
not yet to anyone

people in paris
sings cat & sings powers
but who cares if they are in paris?
or if this tuna is grisly?
layered within dark café
and compassionate early-friday-breakfast pain

doesn’t much matter
lately later
since in my cradle
you are not
not today not yesterday
not today not tomorrow
not again

∑ sweater azulito
∑ la blusa de lino
∑ focaccia
∑ los quesos de lata camembert
∑ un trozo de pecorino pequeño
∑ parmesano fresco
∑ el vino 2 botellas
∑ semillitas de plantas para el jardín, no girasol
∑ mantón que te regaló Ana / vestido con el que nos poníamos