Friday, April 28, 2006

nerd test

how do you know if you are a nerd?
when all your closest friends (well just 3 of them) are on their way to the hypest musical festival of the year
and you are going, alone, on a friday night
to the closest borders...

at least is to exchange a birthday gift card
thank god my friends do know i am a geek
and send good presents
books, a record, even a concert ticket

i might be a nerd
but the good kind

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the notorious MSG

with names like
DOWN-LO MEIN (the yello gigolo)
HONG KONG FEVER (the ringleader)
THE HUNAN BOMB (killing machine)

the notorious MSG makes its appearance in this world
these bad kids from China Town New York are here to
rap your steamed buns!
with songs like Dim Sum Girl and Egg Rollin'
they are so funny and they don't care for stereotypes
at all!
of course they are in myspace too

portuguese folk "romerita"

here a little video from the normal heights roots and folk street festival this past weekend
these two handsome men rocked on with their portuguese tunes (this is the only complete song i have, but i have more clips, the festival was a lot of fun, my first one in normal heights)

(unfortunately the video quality from is not as great as a movie attached, but hey! they are making a great deal letting one upload such memory suckers as movies are)
what are you waiting for? make your little movies and send them to me, i'll watch...

gates and hu

on the meeting of bill gates (please check his auto-page at microsoft, hmmm?) with chinese president hu jintao here some old news. and it seems that bill does need the mircrosoft's office clip help (here how to get rid of him, just in case) taken from the daily show of jon stewart, comedy central ha-ha still stupid tv attemptthis was funny though

diseño, señor

design, this tea kettle/tea pot from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

read on the magnificent three tea pots

Hay máquinas
you know?
Ya hay máquinas
Para todo hay máquinas

Unas para hacer esto
Otras para hacer aquello

Asi que para que te esfuerzas?
no te rompas la cabeza?
Si puedes quedarte ahí tan fresquesito fresco
Ya hay máquinas, hombre, te dijo, que hacen esto…

Monday, April 24, 2006


i don't know what i would be doing without the newest morrissey album
Ringleader of the Tormentors
right on!
have been listening for a week or longer
then dropped on the weekend
and today

monday me BIG
no make up
just waking up
as promised chio here we go!
need my 100 bucks now

funny mind sets
funny freedom strange

no sex no sex wasn't that
would have been easier though
why not? the sex
'cause you are not here, today
lonely prevalence
pleasure just to cure concerns

hello! good bye! and farewell
you are there
i am here still today

lunacy, listen to morrissey then
or the smiths for its glorious defect/effect

monday! gracias morrissey

Thursday, April 20, 2006

the ghost writer

"... for she felt quite weightless, and might as easily have been floating up as down."

-the ghost writer, john harwood
a lovely very rich book so far

as i finished in julian
in perfect time, another of those strange/astonishing coincidences place-meets-time
murakami's a wild sheep chase
another life-changing story thrown at your feet by mother chance

highly recommended! both


first movie movie uploaded on YouTube
getting into these user-generated sites like the blogger blog!

Sinuhe copies and pastes

many many years ago i read Sinuhe The Egyptian, a novel by Mika Waltari
today here at work and not sure why

all of a sudden Sinuhe and his descriptive walks on the arid desert
also the battlefields, came to my mind
i think i read it at least 15 years ago... never thought of it until today, right now

but while here at work i am dealing with HTML, stupid Cold Fusion and Fusebox that I don't understand

I ended doing a little process that requires a lot of simple old fashioned

now i feel that for Sinuhe his job of walking those dusty battlefields

was as pasty and boring as my COPY/PASTE
but just his walks, not the rest of his life, no, just the dusty walks
but at least both me and Sinuhe have a job
and a job is sometimes, a lot of boring work

do i need help though? maybe just a chat with old Sinuhe would be fine
too bad i don't have
Mycroft's Prose Portal to at least make an attempt...

not related but check this out pictured below, avant-garde experimental 20's precious stuff

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

músculos bajo plumas

y ahorita, así de la nada, me acuerdo. pero el recuerdo está parchado, como si estuviera hecho de pedacitos de tela, de la misma tela de la que se cortan las ilusiones pequeñas y los sueños que tienes cuando estas despierto.

casi atropello a un pájaro, parecía un ganso, y bastante grande, entonces tenía la presencia mas que de un ave, de un animal mas voluminoso, como un perro de cacería o una oveja. el camino que manejaba, nublado y niebla, curvas y a veces al salir de ellas, pequeñitas piedras. todavía no llovía ni estaba mojado de antes. pero en el ambiente se sentía esa fuerza extraña que invade todas las cosas, no solo las materiales sino tambien las etéreas, antes de una tormenta. oficialmente era la tarde, pero de mañana casi todavía. y siempre ha habido algo diferente, casi místico en las tormentas de mediodía, algo de contradicción, de sentimiento eclíptico con sabor a mito, y a paradoja de una muy básica teoría sobre la luminosidad ahora negada con lluvia que corresponde a un típico mediodía, y fundido con el aroma de las lágrimas de melancolía que pronto serán la lluvia misma. el ave cruzó, corría, tuve que frenar en la curva y vi como sus alas ahora cercanas se movían, contemplado por menos de un segundo como los pequeños músculos en acción se tensaban bajo las plumas de textura suave que resplandecían bajo el poco sol filtrado entre densas nubes formando un arcoiris de cientos de tonos de un mismo color café. todo tan rápido, menos de un segundo fué. nos vimos frente a frente, imagen transparente, pero no tanto con los ojos sino más bien con el sentido del sentimiento, y de alguna manera y afortunadamente las dos sabíamos que no había mas peligro, pero también la complicidad unificadora existía, que aunque mas corto que un pequeño instante o que esa mitad de un de un segundo, peligro y de muerte, lo hubo...

extraña, misteriosa, inesperada, y a veces de muchos tonos de café y entre la niebla y al mediodía, en la contradiccion de un nublado incandescente el pájaro y yo supimos, eran tanto la muerte como la vida

y si los arboles de cuyamaca retorcidos quemados hace poco, grandes fuegos forestales fueron no solo nuestra perfecta escenografía, si no también testimonios y eternos testigos de muerte pero antes, de vida

Monday, April 17, 2006


we have been unnerved
we have been terrified
blood is everywhere
we have been sent in a war

we have been found
for a day
and again, lost

we have been feared
desired, and loved
forgotten? don’t know

we have been healthy
and radiant
so happy and we smiled
we have been sick
and we have felt gone

our decisions are our friends
our choices, enemies became
who is who?
some here, some long gone
hidding in the night
didn't hear the farewell

the woods
omnipresence of nature
primigenous custody

the city
of human
a violent proclamation
civil degradation

fight their war?
or fight your own?

can you help?
gluing out
your voice
your images
your words?
screaming to stop?

or just your ego? yourself?
is to show?
the fake peace as
of the once-a-day-charity
extended hand
i got

can you help? then?
dying in the woods
in peace, alone?
quiet and mute
undisturbing undisturbed?

letting the violence wash out
down the drain of your soul

searching every day
every night
here again we go

while a tree falls down afar
the echo collapses
into an assault a fire a gun

both dead both gone

as we didn't know since before...

yet just an instance of love
all that can save you
now and then

no art
no philosophy
no war

just a peep of unreasonable devotion
just a second of love
of any kind of any sort

-My name is Nobody
-Excuse me?
-My name is Xebeche. He who talks loud, saying nothing
.dead man, jim jarmusch

Thursday, April 13, 2006

april 14th: my birthday mi cumpleaños

April 14th is my birthday (37 ouch!)
and it is also Tiffany's birhtday
happy birthday Tiffany!

yeah! i was born still on the glory and confusion of the 60's still
the last chance and a kabbalistic (i like this spelling better) number 1969
man on the moon (that might explain the space-cadet behavior)
woodstock, hippies and the damn whole thing
right on! no wonder why i came out like this

so for my birthday I won’t be home

When I became 15 years, my mom sent me in a long trip
(alone to Europe with another 15 year-old girl,
My grandma Mami Pera as I always called her
and Esperanza for the rest, didn’t talk to her until I came back,
she was upset thinking I wouldn’t come back)
as you all can imagine, I did come back
Apart from being alive (well my dad had to do with this too)
I owe my mom the sense of travel
(my dad doesn’t travel much, or at all! He just likes to seat
And do wooden things and be lazy, the wood and laziness
And the laidback and silly smiling all times I did get from
That very handsome man: my dad, yes very handsome still)

When I became 18, I went to San Francisco for the first time!
Exactly on my birthday, arrived and things were staring to take shape

In 2001 when I spent my first b-day in San Diego
I started formally the little birthday tradition:
Going to a new city, one that I haven’t been to before,
Each year in my birthday

So 2001 was Los Angeles CA
Never been there before
We (my cousin Juan Carlos) drove from San Diego without an early plan
And ended at the MOCA and Little Tokyo
And apart from stepping in Angelina-land for the first time
I did see a couple of original Warhols and Lichtensteins
I was thrilled! What else can a so-called modernist designer ask for?

Then lack of money and a stable job, that freaking long unemployment
kept me closer to home for the coming years

Yet last year I re-started the little tradition
with the amazing-most-famous-city-in the world!
La Ciudad de Nueva York

I got myself a ticket to go and see M83 my favorite band of those days
I tried to visit the Guggenheim on April 14 but it was closed!
So I ended at the astonishing Metropolitan Museum of Art
Splendid and the feet so sore
At least 6 hrs by myself getting lost among art from all over the world
From all over the times from all over the minds of the masters that put together
This sometimes-lovely sometimes-terrible world of us
what could I have seen more interesting than that place?

Then from Manhattan, I called my mother in Autlan, in an emotional rush to say
Thanks for bringing me to this world, so we wept and sob on the phone
And left a similar message to my dad
Those two if it wasn’t for their attraction one day… o well…
Probably the Manhattan-Autlan telephone connection doesn’t happen very often though

and and and the Strand bookstore 18 miles of books
I didn't count them but boy it was big!
(thank you forever Mike for taking me there) wow!
El cementerio de los libros olvidados, the most delightful place in the world
for literature fiends, como yo...

The fear of not being able to top such magical vacation
(One of the most wonderful times of my 36 years, again thank you adorable host)
And the lack of money are keeping closer this year
I was expecting to be in Boston by now
Instead, I am going to Julian, California si señor!

Therefore my birthday extravaganza
(as Linda appropriately-enough named it)
Of a new city each year is still going ON!!!
And I am so thankful for being able to keep it

Julian is a lovely town, for what I heard
An hour drive from home
Apple pies and miner town

to Julian I am going solo, and alone
well, the little voices in the head are coming too
Ok & some books too
To a peaceful weekend

To stay at the Julian Hotel, the oldest continuously operating hotel in Southern California
As they claim, built by a former slave and his wife when gold was discovered in the San Diego area, long long ago

This little b-day celebration is a total contrast with New York a year ago
And I know in Julian probably the most exciting thing that could happen
Is me OD-ing in apple pies or seeing an imaginary ghost of
An old miner whispering to me ‘stop smoking, stop, you are not that young anymore’
Jean will say the same on Sunday anyway heh heh

However, I am thankful overall of being alive and of making it this old!
Considering the health issues that I have been dealing with since 2004,
so happy to make it this far!

The best part of all is that I have YOU
Reading this flowing silliness
just to know I have friends to die for!

Happy birthday to me, indeed!
Since I have all of you and I am still freaking alive!
Unbelievable sometimes!

Leaving for Julian very early tomorrow morning, NO work!!
but please don’t stop yourself if you want to send a note
Or some presents on the mail
Or some cash
Or something so you a similar foolish e-mail next year

Julian extravaganza hooray! here we go!

O happy Easter too!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

dulce como la miel

so busy! to the point of not being able to chronologize the stupidity properly! yet among the working stress i remember, crave, and beg for a

photo taken at my home recently (good to know i still have some in the fridge waiting for me... sweet babies so thirsty)
cold beer!
ah wish i could have one of those sweet as honey red stripes
ah jamaican beer
i am not a big drinker, but sometimes i drink red wine mostly
and beer, but GOOD beer (god forbid me of ever have to drink a shitty hyper-shitty bud or bud-light rather die of thirstiness, I hate those damn things, rather have clear transparent neat water or tea or anything but a bud-freaking-weiser)

here a 33-items list of some of my favorites beers (33 like in jesuschrist age)
the ones with * indicates i find most pleasure on them
grab yourself a cold one and cheeeers!
  1. Gösser
  2. Stella Artois*
  3. Amstel
  4. Tsingtao
  5. Pilsner Urquell*
  6. Harrar Sofi (Ethiopia)
  7. Beck's
  8. Athenian
  9. Guinness*
  10. Harp
  11. Murphy’s
  12. Moretti* (Italian and superb)
  13. Asahi
  14. Kirin*
  15. Sapporo*
  16. Corona
  17. Bohemia
  18. Pacifico*
  19. Modelo Especial
  20. Dos Equis*
  21. Heineken
  22. Grolsch*
  23. Steinlager*
  24. Brackie Premium
  25. Singha*
  26. Bass
  27. Sam Adams Cream Stout (any good Stout)
  28. Miller Lite
  29. Nimbus Oatmeal Stout* almost any Oatmeal Stout (i like my caramel-taste-like beer)
  30. Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer
  31. St. Pauli Girl (the blue ones)
  32. Arrogant Bastards (don't take it personal! is the line of the Escondido's Stone Brewery)
  33. Red Stripe (wonder if it has that 'magical' jamaican ingredient and that's why i like it so much, hmmm?)
oh and there's many many more ahhh but i can't remember them all. if i could drink a damn cold beer this logo that i am working on would come out much prettier (at least to my eyes... heh heh)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

busy as hell/muy ocupada

but not stressed
happy not sure why
maybe 'cause i am going to el prado tonight
with at least 2 girlfriends
at el prado they have the best mojitos ever
as brian from the family guy says: MO-JI-TO!
(regardless of being a gay drink or not, gay = not that there's nothing wrong w/that! j seinfeld, heh heh [a reference of the reference inside the reference, what sucks is that they all are TV references and i don't even watch much tv] i still like mo-ji-tos a lot)

"I'm learning real skills that I can apply throughout the rest of my life ... Procrastinating and rationalizing."
-Calvin (from the ultimate philosophical guide Calvin & Hobbes) click to enlarge and read about the 'important' things in life

Monday, April 10, 2006


and wrote this long ago (below the photo)
and was found today (not sure if i sent it to a friend or not)
not sure of many things but not too worried either on them
thing flowing small pieces gathering on the air
this trio below came together
morrisey the flaming lips t.s. eliot (no wonder why the train of thought)
triotrouble, at my working desk

quotidian trivial events –this commonplace
teas, stairs, photos, cafe –others, as well
recollections –of every-day

all of all –eye-recording
next step –followed to heart arrived the head
soul footage –revised
throughout reason –rounded on pain
now-and-then good to add also a pinch –of happiness

transformed and cleaned out –reality edited
dissolved by these senses –mine
required –closer recyclability
to re-play –again otra-vez
ready now –smells more of home
a rambled depiction –in the wake of a second, the next

since very fixated on quick fixes –lately these days
felt –since viewed
re-played –at all times
a color, those smells –right after write of them
replayed – not just once
abut of my eye
the right one –only, and first
later the left one –afterward, then

that orange however –came out not the same
lukewarm at me –one time
iced for you –as been detailed

replay replayed –at all times
fear –can overlook now
since compulsively –replayed
blessed disruption –the write-down
the scrutinize –as lungfuls-of-air
go in and go out –of my chest
bringing more colors –newer tastes, fresher smells

beeeeep –ala computer style
save this file? –no, just farewell

lunes, études dans le quirkyness

coming very soon... oh la cocina esta mañana
esta freaking mañana!
como explicarte? si se que no vas a entender
when i have a freaking break at this oficina
cafe now!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

sunday well well

aa just had dinner around the corner of my house
literally... since it is the same block, literally
i had a falafel sandwich and a athene beer the greek lager beer hmm?
and a nice refreshing talk with long-time friend jeff
just a beer a sandwich and a friend
was peaceful and nice
and now waiting for the simpsons newest episode at 8

i usually go to a friend's house (perro) every sunday at night
for the new simpson's episode
a little nice tradition that at least 4 or 5 of our friends together have

tonight i am skipping the reunion since the wedding was with them
and his cats (mis nephews got me all allergic) yet jeff is one of the simpson's night member
and i am happy he made it around normal heights for the beer and falafel

i badly needed food after helping my friend miriam the whole morning
to move boxes around for the moving to florida
so sad! but happy that she is starting a new fresher phase in her life

so a quiet mellow sunday with jim o'rourke on the back
aaa alone in my little egg and liking it so much

good sunday good night ah the short list is on tonight as well
right one
some wine and candies and tea!
making a pot of ceylon tea courtesy of bob walsh at work

i almost relaxed and mellow that i almost wish i was not
'cause this dull i can't write much or at least i can't write tragically-comedy-like
so i sort of dull writer suck
for after this year of intense emotions and missing like hell and the rest
i think i deserve a peaceful quiet nice sunday
specially since my b=day is coming!!! 37 years old is not to mess around with
heh heh

me good night and good luck

Saturday, April 08, 2006

my bright and bouncy florecita rockera, sábado a pretty one

and wedding to get ready to

must say the diedrich's sumatra that just opened today
(too bad i can't post fotos here right now, la pinche computadora)
o delicioso! aroma de café

so the coffee and the butter on that croissant and french strawberry jam
gave me energy to came here and happy write

there are 2 yellow small flowers around my house this morning
leaning on the my walls

so flowers and diedrich's sumatra
and selecting records for the wedding
cocktail party of 50's!!!

can't wait to play don ho and martin denny
and my favorite
my bright and bouncy hi-fi dance music original 50's
lovely lovely so far day

Friday, April 07, 2006

die pakete!

mmm... paquetitos! (drooling ala homer style...)

a jaime jaime from spain i met him (have never met in person)
many many many
many years ago posting stuff on the web of our favorite band of all times sonic youth si señor!
me mando fotos y postales, sus gloriosas y experimentales fotos
muchos eme pes y tres entre los cuales
y luego tenemos a...
o what a lovely girl the ex of my friend perro, a lovely tall gorgeous blue-eyed girl from seattle chips in a box, she knows i can't find the dill pickle ones in san diego anymore and that i really like them so she sent them o well well!

<> o and from other lovely adorable friends. life pays back anyway with paquetitos o heck yes!

gracias jaime! y thank you andrea

the constant wife

last tuesday and throughout a feral san diego rain
(as we don’t have loads of)
i entered the sublime realms of the old globe theater
(modeled after shakespeare’s old globe in london)
lovely the wood structure
o lovely and grand!

the play was the constant wife
a delightfully witty play on the fragile equilibrium that sustains marriage (or doesn’t)
and well on other love-affairs too
henny russell as constance middleton went gratifyingly fine

vive le grand somerset maugham!
and thanks susan, for taking me along, unexpectedly
can’t wait for the next play

below one of the rehearsal rooms
hey! i like perusing around

fito, ay fitillín de san martín

from a friend's note
weber, la sunny san diego no separace en nada a la
lluviosa naucalpan, así como en la meteorología como
en la vida, llueve sobre mojado diría el poeta fito paez

and this i reply to the friend:
ay si mire usted
a los santos a los que yo les rezo
para ver si hay, aunque chiquito,
algún progreso
o un recuerdo
o una historia buena
una de esas, de suspenso
what a shame! fitillín que bueno que no eres tú
tan grueso, ni tan denso...

friday, a morning-olvidado-zapato case

although i work in a laid-back-on-the-dressing-code office (my boss hasn’t wear anything else but jeans for the past couple of days, moths, years)

i am not supposed to come into the office with my after-shower sandals, here fresh stinky photo of my 'casually-dressed' feet (still smell like cheese)

hmmm? friday morning too distracted/too late forgot to change them for ‘regular zapatos' before leaving home, i didn't realized until a little chill wind felt cold between my toes

o damn! a medicine-against-distraction request! o yeah and still slacking going out to take the cold pix and well, back to work, i guess...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

univers zero

or "if stravinsky had a rock band,
it would sound like this..."
univers zero!

y este videito highly recommended

lo encontré gracias a ground control
como usted verá "ground control mister"
encontré su site y toda la cosa

here signing off major mexican tom weber

now ashes to ashes, funk to funky we know major tom’s a ... well, a man with lots of troubles, little addictions and issues, well and a woman in this case, with hormones in case wasn't enough the major dealing in the skies and her bad behavior...

esta mañana

es solo una niñería
y estoy ocupada en el trabajo
pero tomé notas con lápiz y papel

y la sensación del lápiz
y la sensación del papel
uno sobre el otro

una maravilla

de josé agustín to alice munro, passing through murakami and some brontë

crossed the border tonight and to make this reading easier i am writing in both ingles y spanish you know? tu sabes, no? jaladas, suckities mostly

border official: 'what are you bringing back from mexico tonight with you señorita? and your citizenship?'
me (official slacker): ' just some books, and i am very mucho americana, dont ju jjjear dont ju siii?'
border official: 'o si, very well, go ahead...'

so on my lap while driving and read half way through during sanborn's dinner que fresa! no mames! was lovely josé agustín y reading amor del bueno (love but of the 'good one')

aquí en español por si eres mexicano o solo medio naco y tus papas no te mandaron al colegio de paga en lugar de la escuela de gobierno, no manches que mamona soy!!!

sobre mis preciosas y redondetas rechonchetas rodillas, mientras delicadamente el freeway manejaba y despues de atascarme en el sangggrrons' unos molletes de frijoles ala estudiante de la uam xochimilco, siempre sin dinero... pues me puse a leer a josé agustín mientras la fila de coches lentos se dignaban avanzar para cruzar del mundo del rango numero 3 al del numero disque UNO

ha! so i was saying that jose agustin on my lap and yes slowly crossing the border to come back 'home' to this first world... runned by an asshole

i think the translation is not being accurate but still makes sense, i bet if any biligual read well

y como dice jose agustin!!! QUIEN SOY, DONDE ESTOY. QUE ME DIERON or as you'd say in el ingles the funniest freaking thing in the world

who am i? where am i? what did they give me?!!!

entonces me di cuenta del desengaño turbulento que puede desencadenar la lectura de un cuento narrado en mexicano y comprado en tijuana en una noche de abril y de adviento, josé agustín eres pinche chilango y, manito, te entiendo!!!

so i liked the jose agustin book very mucho muchisisismo so, reminded me of my city and of "manitos" anyway that i can't translate, some slang who you call the dudes here, but we call them there 'manitos' and so there's women so therefore we also have 'manitas' notice the 'a', ah? español clases on-line con bere...

the whole deal apart from saying how grand jose agustin is are will be or something like that is that i realized that while i was re-reading alice munro a couple of days ago, just grabbed her in between murakami and saramagos, i ended up reading tonight jose agustin

what a polarity contradiction differences in style on themes on narratives on all! and both so close to my hearth

o sea que muy diferentes la munro y el nano, y luego le hago a murakami y hasta al lafcadio her-dano... tan diferentes que me duele como que en la cabeza, a veces, y a veces, otras, las veces, en las manos, un hueco y un hueco filosófico y lejano, de questionamiento interno y de hasta algo malsano...

wondering me pregunto si esta lista if this list is a good one or un absoluto absurdo pero cada dia cada segundo second morto oculto me la vivo entre munro murakami agustin saramago emilia la de las borrascosas brontes y que combinación, ay de mi, y ay del mundo

buenas noches bouna notte and not giorno, good nights doesn't rhyme at all, y vaya el colmo!

bueno en fin la lista ahora updated era was y era para mencionar estos libros books muy chingones que me compre en español y hope pronto soon sooner leerlos

vaya escarmiento eso del advenimiento de español mezclado con ingles mugriento

ensayo de un crimen, de mi heroe rodolfo usigli,
lo único que le he leído confieso la genial obra policiaca un clasicasasassazo de la novela detectivesca criminalistica y freudiana, todo amarradito en envoltorio de la ciudad de mexico por alla de los 40's uff buenisissisismo

yes the book's awesome, crime, freud serial ala hitchcock thriller all wrapped up in sweet packaging of mexico city's on the 40's, delightful, licking fingers book...

other i found and more complete on those later

enrique serna, el orgasmografo! que suena premisorio cuento de un 'dark' futuro

y bueno neruda que no tengo/tenia
pero el amigo de un amigo que ni conozco
but the friend of a friend that i haven't even meet, recommended it

never thought an american-seems-like-an-overly-interesting-person that man derf will ended up recommending me neruda, albeit chilenian but mexican, on the list, waiting

a mas al ratito a completar este blogsito que este si que me esta gustando y me gusta

i like it this blogsito con el book-sito

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ken, stoned at 9.50 (leo gregory was superbly stoned)

last friday night
i realized i had 10 minutes to
get stoned, the movie about brian jones’ life and massacre/dead
at the ken cinema
on massacre read more on brianjonestownmassacre
(keep music evil)

so 10 minutes walking from my home, fast
and made it to ahhh stoned, the movie

the theatre was almost empty apart from 2 or 3 couples and i was the only person by herself there, in spite of the small audience, i am sure of one thing the ones there were either into music, or into the rolling stones, into brian jones, and well probably or merely just stoned

the movie was over all ok
here are some better-than-in-my words reviews
san francisco chronicle review of stoned
greenwich village gazette review of stoned

one funny thing was that there was no rolling stones music at all on the film
which i really didn’t mind, since the music was ok after all, some jefferson airplane
among others etc.

the characters of keith richards and mick jagger
are secondary on the film as many other rolling stones facts
over all the stones are portrayed during their starting days

critics don’t seem to agree with this point of view of the director
but i thought it was great
after all we do know too much about the rolling stones
who really cares about them anymore, they are creepy and old and have way too much money

and the movie was supposed to be about brian and his dead anyway
not really about the rolling stones
i thought i was even charming to make them appear like that (briefly and young)
o believe me they even seem cute (keith and mick) and they are NOT!

although i will say that the scenes of brian and friends on drugs
and musical events were truly good!
like a very good video very well done
way better than the crappy videos you see in MTV these days
in that the director did a great job

also if you happen to be a man or a fervent admirer of women physical beauty then you must see the lovely actress playing anita, wow that is what i call a hyper-hot woman, blonde, long-legged and with a face that will turn on even my catholic god

so the movie was ok
and we at kensington were at 9.50

ah the best part of the movie, was leo gregory
as brian jones
a superb acting! must say!

Monday, April 03, 2006

grapey monday

just because grapes are like diseases
and if you don't eat some, they might
on you, start growing

oh and i want these grapes to
squeeze them
choke them
clasp them
clip them
clutch them
compress them
cram them

crush them
cuddle them
embrace them
force them
grip them
hold tight them
hug them
jam them jostle them
nip them
pinch them

press them
quash them
squash them
squish them
and finally
wring them

but i think all this is just part
of a sexual frustration...
and because there is something in the green of the grapes
that reminds me of the green of some apples

eat fruits! and some vegetables

funny thing this netscape

yes the version of netscape 8.0.4 (based on firefox)
has this little feature that is making my life way easier, since you can either display the same page as you'd see in either firefox or explorer, just by clicking on this little arrow

i am a silly designer dealing with CSS standards for an application, if i get my application displaying OK for firefox and explorer i am all set (albeit my boss' opinions -read barking) since those are the 2 browsers people are most used to

this function of netscape saves me couple of minutes per hour, since i don't have to open the damn URLs in both browsers, i can just check in Netscape and voilà! with the selection of a checkmark i am all done

now there's many little issues and tricks for optimal CSS-ing, some really stupid like that fact that explorer can't read "mid" numbers in some basic stuff like the height of an area, if you have 176 px it is going to round-it to 180 px, on the other hand, firefox is better with details like that, but, hey what am i going to do? kill all of the explorer users? or force them into changing to firefox? i don't even have myself a decent browser at home, i deal with a imac g3 with explorer 5.1 for mac and mozilla, i can barely check my bank account at home, and to post photos at 23 i have to do one by one, therefore i don't, oh and by the way my finder for mac os 9.1 doesn't not support my canon camera so i can't even download the damn photos

so i understand, even if i am a web designer, what is to be in the oldest of the techy's, if an application runs in my computer, believe me, then it means that a neandearthal man can gett it started with probably a few rocks and stickies...

ok but back to the style sheets...

i rather fix my graphics to display OK on both browsers even though we as designers know the big difference between 1 or 2 pixels but i guess that's the trick but standardization and globalization or while working at a non-profit (like the san diego blood bank) where with few resources you got make things pretty (like the blood bank newsletter printed in just 2 colors) or here, where i have to standardize a look that will display OK no matter how outdated or hyper-ultimate is your freaking browser

it is easy to design for all-tools-users but we gotta remember there's people without so much technological resources out there and they are still mean to enjoy of our applications

voilà, i am glad the weekend is over, not 'cause i love to work
but because at home i have that crippled computer that doesn't let me

ha! monday intentions

a great resource for CSS in advanced styles and other tricky tricks please check this amazing website A List Apart

Sunday, April 02, 2006

prophecies of self-indulgence

a headache again
so strong
blinding a lost day?
a sunday
i got a cold

i said i would write
or picture or something
almost 40 years
and back to the same nonsense

again still not a plan
have let behind some many
usually unfinished or broken

too many and too little
to pick up the pieces
and re-start one or the other

you can be a child forever and always
just don’t forget
are always growing

trying to be done
with at least
the self-indulgence

friends family
they are something
lucky I have some of them

my head just hurts so much
the sun out seems purifying
another walk
another sunny sunday

Saturday, April 01, 2006

sábado abril primavera


saturday nor daily

it seems did it make it
strong coffee
and a late morning

those sort
of connections
de café
and inventions
that was what about
i was talking

o saw last night
stoned the movie
stoned at 9.50
damn photos i can’t download
freaking procrastination
since december
crippled computer

anyway the movie
was ok
more on it later
still didn’t cure me
from insomnia
if nothing

here saturday before noon
so it is officially morning
slept 3 hrs
for what is worth it

now into caffeine
and disgraces resplendent
with the sun of the south
of this california

don’t tell me on
geographical compartment
the desert is close

and middle of the days
still happen

to walk in the sun cold
while time’s clicking

natural insomnia

no retorts
not there tu
not me somewhere
nor the small squares
beautiful reminders/pacifiers

not recalled


afraid insecure
if invading
a simple thought
is too strong?

distance is

sent sent
no come back

a blank mind needed
not invading
not even with thinking
rather in a
way of disappearance
i feel i despair

distracted was
runs fast
not idea where
or how to open a front door
some times

a link not since
have been muted
maybe something i wrote?
maybe something i thought?
and long travelled...


read and sleep is not coming

can’t stop wondering
i hold out

a dream
an unreal
a something
can’t get a hold
of my own peace

if i could flat out tell you

what to do?
not pills anymore
not fiction solutions
a natural pain

like the one
of being for some
an umbrella
on a day
that is not raining

if still breathing
change it
the world

the world can
in a second
all be changed

yet afraid in my waiting
i am forgetting
i am not the only spectator
just because with me nothing changes

not mine
not again
not something
i just don’t know
how to blank-mind-it
if just...

just letters against
white screen
on a cyber space

late on a lonely night
paying the price of
not sure what karmatic

that eats my guts
you might forget it
but i feel inundated in my own

the damn valve closes
and believe me it is not orange

i wish i felt safe to walk late the streets
but can't even find the front door
for a starter

an umbrella
in a day
that is not raining

no wonder