Saturday, December 13, 2008

winter time friends

today was a cold day
54ºF or 12ºC
winter has finally arrived!

and cold winds brought
4 cool dear friends
cold wind outside
warmed by the shared smiles
nothing like having a good friend
stopping by in a lazy gray day

and as every winter
my consumption of Good Earth tea
has increased
[i rarely drink this tea in the summer days]
thus the quota
of tea-advices
here for you to 'suffer' thru them

and why i drink so much Good Earth tea
on winter days? 'cause as the label says
it is sweet & spicy, you would think
it has sweeteners but not! just a
very zesty rich bold taste

Ingredients of the Good Earth blend: Red Rooibos, Chicory Root, Artificial Flavor, Rosehips, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Papaya, Chamomile, Panax Ginseng Leaves, Anise Seed, Ginger Root, Dandelion Root, Orange Peel and Orange Oil.

December little poem

the office upstairs smells
like old coffee and paperwork

before long, then smells like
a-moment-ago opened-door
and like a new oomph,
as a life-force,
crossing the threshold,
the breezing coil folded up
blowing out papers stacked up for months
in an endless up-the-wind hunt

i smiled
the moment broke

(just the smell took place
the rest, just metaphors rapt in this old skull)