Tuesday, March 21, 2006

1.618 033 988 749 894 848 204 586 834 366 times richard meier unearth getty’s center steps closer to divinity

(this photo by: rocio bernal)
perhaps because i started to grow up intellectually
(my bachelor’s degree started as architecture)
under the shadow of the conception of beauty and proportion
set by the greek’s φ section aurea/golden number, ratio or divine proportion (varphi = frac{sqrt{5} + 1}{2} approx 1.618 033 988 749 894 848 204 586 834 366) and under the influence of the teachings of the bauhaus school of design in germany

moreover, taught to have a firm conviction in architects such as le corbusier (a house is a machine for living in, and author of the architect's bible modulor), walter gropius, mies van der rohe, and of course frank lloyd wright; and other functionalist modernists architects of the ‘white school’ as i personally refer to them, or the international style as there are officially known for the rest of mortals; it is that the getty center in los angeles (santa monica area) was extremely impressive to me

names describing the center as a modern acropolis
a top of the hill closer to heaven than anything else in the southern west coast of the united states come to my mind

richard meier and partners
(hence of the polemic spend on the project)
deserve a big admiration sign! the last of the modernists triumph will getty center be?

the space is beautifully peaceful
the word zen melts with a déjà vu state
induced by the first step of this space encounter:
a tram climbing slow the giant mountain
leaving los angeles lower and behind
silent machinery tick tack to reach the heights
throwing a veil of tranquility
juxtaposition the guts and the mind

just felt like this before in a space once
last year on my birthday to be exact
when i stepped into glorious frank lloyd wright’s
mecca of american modern art:
the new york city’s guggenheim

where the modern ancestors of my visual and soul foundation
are buried in between the pages and paintings of wassily kandinsky
along with the transcripts and images from the (again) bauhaus (pdf file)

déjà vu en una esquina de van nuys ca 9.43 am leaving for the getty center in a red rapid line bus

the getty center http://www.getty.edu/
its architecture http://www.getty.edu/visit/see_do/architecture.html
and gardens http://www.getty.edu/visit/see_do/gardens.html

a piece of heaven imitated by meiers with a superb result: one of the most remarkable achievements of modern landscaping and architecture

make you sure you see the over-180-degrees-view of the city of los angeles, california from the cactus garden

soon i will post some photos on 23