Friday, November 29, 2013

Fur free Friday

Today was international fur-free Friday
I was happy to participate
Many animals, including cats & dogs!
Are many times skinned alive to protect the skins
Electrocuted anally, or beaten on the head to death
We must stop this horrible industry!

"Each Year, approximately 50 million animals raised on fur farms around the world, which account for the majority of the world’s fur production, are killed for their pelts. This number does not include over a billion rabbits that are also killed each year (70 million alone in France).
This year’s annual Fur-Free Friday protest will educate and spread awareness to shoppers about the horrors of the fur industry"

As I get more involved in animal activism
I find out more horrible indescribable things
Humans do to animals...
Perhaps wearing fur and leather was OK centuries ago
When we haven't developed a textile industry
If you decide to wear fur or leather these days

You are contributing to extreme animal cruelty
These animals do NOT die in a compassionate way
They live miserably and die painful slow deaths
Get informed!

Also watch this video on leather

Monday, November 18, 2013

time to evolve

remember, there is not human slaughter,
for centuries we have killed animals for food,
for centuries we have enslaved humans,
belittled women, and exploited children,
as a species we have to evolve,
don't let the horrible traditions
stand on the way to expand your consciousness
and compassion for other species.
Go Vegan!
no slaughter is humane nor necessary

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Schnitzel life

A poem from Noah Erdenling (Google Translation):

I sense that I must die soon
the chain already on my foot.
The man simply determines
when he wants to take my life.
My life was filled with sorrow and pain,
I wasn't even allowed to be outside and free.
My babies have been brutally beaten to the ground,
the screams were unbearable.
I was never allowed to see the sunshine,
and to walk on green grass.
The whole time I lie here on my own feces and mess,
just so I miserably die for your "Schnitzel"[meat].

Noah V Erdenling
Ich spüre, dass ich gleich sterben muss
die Kette schon an meinem Fuss.
Der Mensch einfach bestimmt,
wann er mir das Leben nimmt.
Mein Leben war erfüllt von Schmerz und Pein,
nicht einmal dürfte ich in Freiheit sein.
Mein Baby hat man brutal auf den Boden erschlagen,
die Schreie waren nicht zu ertragen.
Niemals durfte ich die Sonne seh´n
und auf grüne Wiesen geh´n.
Die ganze Zeit lag ich hier im Dreck,
nur damit ich für euer Schnitzel elendig verreck´.

Monday, November 11, 2013

animals for food

when friends who eat meat,
ask me to respect their choices of food,
they forget that they are overlooking
the animal's who is being killed opinion...
trying to speak in behalf of the animals,
and giving advice on cruelty-free food choices
& create awareness of the animal suffering,
is what feels OK to do,
we are not trying to tell you what to eat,
we are trying for you to open your heart
to the unnecessary pain of animals.

Friday, November 08, 2013

no law protects farmed animals

Did you know?
Not a single federal law protects farmed animals
during their miserable lives on modern farms.
If just one dog or cat were treated the way
billions of farmed animals are treated every day,
the perpetrator would be behind bars for animal abuse.
Do you think that's fair?

Please check the blog of Mercy for Animals
and do something about it!

Reducing your consuption of animal products
like meat, chicken, milk, all dairy, helps a lot!

image Mercy for Animals

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

animals do not want to die

"Animals are sentient and
do know they are going to die!
You can see how this one cow
just don't want to go in there because
he knows death awaits him.
How heartbreaking!"
You can stop this! Go Vegan!
Stop the meat industry! #animals #veganism #death 
I am scared and don't want to die.
Think of this video the next time you are about to eat
a cow, a pig, a chicken, or a fish.
Any & all meat are murder for a dish you body
doesn't really need. Think about it!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Eat and let live

Veganism is about eating and letting live!
We do NOT give animals a choice,
they deserve to live in this planet
and enjoy their freedom as much as we do,
they are not our property to torture them and eat them!

Go Vegan!
Here some ideas of making the switch and connecting
compassion for animals, for life, and for the planet!

Friday, November 01, 2013

help pigs in need

Please help the pigs in need!
Sign this important petition

Other things you can do: reduce your consuption of meat!
Or even better, become a Vegan!
The Vegan lifestyle and diets are great! I feel so healthy,
light & fresh, I have lost weight and I feel sharper.

Please stop eating animals!
They do NOT deserve to be treated like this