Saturday, June 09, 2007

look who is back!

mister grasshoper

last Wednesday I had to stay sick at home
around the middle of the day
I went out of the house, to stretch out
and watch the plants...
the big old big palm outside my house has grown so much!
and I have to look under its green long leaves
since I cannot see the top of the leaves
and oh what I great surprise when I look up
what I discover under the leave
the shadow of my old time friend
(and yours...-smile, here)
Mister Grasshopper!!!
so I went inside to get my film camera
which was happily loaded with this film
Reala ISO 100 - Fuji Film
just 12 exposition on the film...

so it was nice to see mister grasshopper
at least his shadow
i knew he was around 'cause i find holes in the palm all the time :)

but the whole surprise doesn't end here
mister grasshopper brought a companion!
a little one... I think he became father!
and brought his small grasshopper son!
here is from the same roll, what I think is a younger grasshopper

I remember a couple of days ago watching through the window
a smaller than grasshopper "something" a smaller insect jumping on the plants
so... yeah mister grasshopper's still around
and it seems he's bringing on the family as well

the smell of summer gets closer...
every day around

{38 days... wow!}