Wednesday, June 10, 2009

nico bibio copeland compiled by dj sandwich

back in 2005
while i was room-mating with my
friend Perro
he thought me how to "mix" records
vinyl LP's that is
and also CDs
then i became the DJ Sandwich...

he had a pretty neat set up
of 2 LP turntables and 2 CD turntables
connected to a mixer and all hooked
to his computer

so it was pretty easy to record digitally
from vinyl and create "mixes"
a couple of days ago I came across
the very short mix of 3 songs

the somewhat somber mood of these 3 pieces
except for the last track
seem to match these June's gloomy days

the sun is rather shy in San Diego these days

here the 3-song mix
remember this is a vinyl recording, from LPs
so you can hear some minor scratches on the LP of the Rumble Fish soundtrack by Copeland

some info on the songs
track 1
Nico - No One Is There
a cryptic somber song by controversial and beautiful
once vocalist of The Velvet Underground, Nico
taken from her second album
The Marble Index
here an review of no one is there

track 2
Bibio - won't know which track it was!
but it is from their album fi
an experimental musician from England
his music is much newer than Nico's
but somehow the feeling of this song
at least for my taste, seems to follow up
a bit of more info on Bibio

track 3
Stewart Copeland's - Brothers on Wheels
from his very first soundtrack
Rumble Fish
by the way, a superb film directed by Francis Ford Coppola
if you haven't seen it, rent it now!
filmed on sharp black & white
with some surprising color splashes
a classical ala greek American tragedy

Ps. the photo above is from Ocean Beach in 2005
in another June gloom, i used this photo
as the 'cover' for this mix on the internet radio
i used to post on my website before i had this blog