Monday, June 30, 2008

silent june II

oh not much writing still
the preparation of vacations
and work work every-day routines
but perhaps and being this the last day
of a silent june
the time and luck will line up
so i can tak tak tak again soon

a muted entry

and no.
not even a photography
but periods
yes, and commas
and spaces,

and friendly good nights

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

silent june

i've missed writing here
busy routine daily
cliiiick, sometimes, clooock
a convention at work
the summer-vacation planning
claaack!, and some clooock
too bad is too late
and not just sweet latte

and i do miss writing here!
and playing with my pictures
but life and sun go up
& down again
and so on...

tonite, though
the little om lit up
shyly but here immer
and to your screen
shared my some grayness silent
while always attempting trapping
on a dozed-off weekend
this mid-day californian sun

i have to reply to so many friends
and tonight i am
thankful that expected are the words
and i'll try to type type
type away
some of my love

Sunday, June 15, 2008

tiempo y mar

Sonntag am Strand
Sunday at the beach
domingo en la playa

today i planned to just some errands
i suspected this morning that this Sunday
won't be a very fun day, i had to
go to the grocery store and get ready
for a very busy week ahead at work
clean the house, get the proper clothes ready
und so weiter und so fort...

and what a nice surprise always is
to find out that the store you are looking for
is close to the beach

i live about 8 miles
or 10 minutes from Ocean Beach
so no problem driving there
and why not? once you are there
is great just to walk to the pier
and stretch your tired feet
and walk under the sun, by the sea

& San Diego was lovely today!
breeze flowing, playing with my hair all day
sunny... but not so hot

here sharing my 360° view

and a registered encounter with

eine Glückliche Möwe
a happy seagull
una gaviota feliz