Friday, November 14, 2014

Horse Races and Rodeos

Two protests today, horse races & bull riders,
what is this fixation with grown men
wanting to ride abused animals?
Both are millionaire industries too.
There is something very wrong with humans,
they don't questions themselves why?
They just do their abusing...
At the Del Mar Race track was so disappointing to
see all these cute women all dressed up with hats,
trying to be 'cool', how cool & hip is to
dress up to go see drugged abused horses dying on a race track?
Humans are just too close to see the cruelty of their ways.
Just question every thing you do,
every 'tradition' you will be amazed by your answers.

Protest at Del Mar Race Track
This 2014 Summer 16 Horses Died in 31 Racing Days!
Professional Bull Riders at Sports Arena, riding bulls is wrong!