Friday, February 15, 2008



der Februar / February / Febrero

meine kleine Küche und mein wenig Leben
my little kitchen, and my little life
mi cocinita, y mi vidita

because i think is good to learn how to survive
with just a piece of fruit
and a soul that can still smile

15 steps and code


i was so excited today
i am back to programming!

it took me a while to figure out this code
to feed dynamically a combo box
with a query on SQL
(another language i am trying to learn)
and well, my boss "spoon-feed" me
some of the code

but it is just so nice when things start
to make sense

here here
the simple html for a combo box is

-option value ="a"-a-/option-
-option value ="b"-b-/option-
-option value ="c"-c-/option-

to create this

but the dynamic one
with ColdFusion is
-cfloop query = "getAgencyNames"- -option value ="nada"-#agencyName#-br--/option--/cfloop-

notice i had to replace
the opening and closing brackets (<, >) for -
to be able to display the html here

now i just have to study for my Deutsch Test
am Dienstag
don't know what is harder
if learning a programming language
or German
seems that i am setting myself for failure
with the choices of learning

wish me luck
i am going to need it!
with these choices...

and here a cool little song to go
with the

15 steps