Monday, March 18, 2013

the day i thought i would die

last week i was so sick
first i thought it was only allergies
then i realized i had a bad cold
on Friday i was finally feeling better
so i went to the dentist
by Saturday i was so sick again!
fever fever and a horrible pain on the back of my neck
i battled the fever and pain over the weekend
i was so sick i felt so exhausted that i couldn't
drag myself to the emergency room on Sunday
and i was a feeling a bit better
Monday arrived and pull strength from dunno where
and i made it to work
just to feel awful throughout the day
the pain on the neck was so horrible
and the fever continued
but yet the stiff neck was the worst
a co-worker even mentioned meningitis!
i freaked out and in spite of not finding
an appointment with a doctor
i pushed for one with a physician's assistant
this lady was actually very through
better than many doctor's i've been too
she checked my neck, and even if i had fever
it wasn't very high anymore
she thought what i have is a mix of really strong sinus infection
and muscle strains 'cause of posture, computer use
and stress, probably from the dentist's chair too

anyway, i am on a bunch of medications
but apparently, i will make it OK
so after all, today wasn't the day i died
it's 11.32pm, so i have just 28 minutes more
to make it to tomorrow
i really hope i will