Thursday, September 15, 2011

the classics

this little post
i started so many days ago
life taking over the blog again
but today, i need this little classic break
'modern' people seem to forget
the beauty of 'classics'
for me, any 'old classic' art
brings a breath of timeless breath
i think of Dickens, when i read this little
ghost story, walking around London so long ago
and Mendelssohn writing his music
and i like to think
that so many lives has past between them and me
that i feel little, but in a good way
and my maladies seem small, not big
so here here sharing today this
"Song" Lieder, Op. Posth Pagenlied, Felix Mendelssohn
singer: Maria Mohrmann-Messing

the Charles Dickens Ghost Story
To Be Taken with a Grain of Salt
or The Trial for Murder as it's called here

from this wonderful little collection
The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories
Selected and Introduced by Michael Cox and R. A. Gilbert