Thursday, September 30, 2010

explosions in the sky

we've been having pretty strange weather in San Diego
Monday we broke record heat, it was 95°F (35°C) inside my house!!
the poor Gatos and myself were melting...
Tuesday was a little cooler
Wednesday the humidity started gathering in the shape
of wonderful fluffy clouds!!
reminiscent of a wonderful band
Explosions in the Sky

here a sample of their wonderful cinematic music
click on the name to listen to the mp3 on their site
song: Your Hand in Mine
from their 2003 album: "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place"

i took these photos as i was leaving the office

[click on the photo to see the full size panorama]

today Thursday, we've been having a show off of
thunderstorms and erratic rain
wonder what's in for tomorrow...
Antonio Vivaldi would be happy here this week
4 seasons, one every day of the week
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