Thursday, October 21, 2010

i despise

drivers who:

1. do NOT use their turn signals (blinkers, directional lights, whatever you want to call them but PLEASE use them before you change lanes or are about to turn left or right)

2. talk on their stupid cellphone while driving, or even worse, those who text!

3. do NOT give preference to pedestrians, c'mon! you are driving a metal beast, a person walking has all the disadvantages, at least let them go first!

4. desperate, impatience drivers, i used to be a super-fast driver, i still drive fast, but i hate those drivers that are rushing by all the time, even if you are great driver, speed makes everything worse, i've learned by experience

i despise many drivers, but somehow these are the ones i despise the most
and yes! at number 1 are the turn signals denial ones, strangely these are the ones i despise the most!

the darn blinkers are there, the controller so close to your steering wheel!
it takes about 2 seconds to turn your signal, and it's such a courtesy to other drivers
do indicate if you are going right of left, don't be lazy and an idiot!

as you can read, i have a strong opinion about it...