Monday, May 07, 2007

black kitty

my neighbor`s black kitty
i don`t know her name
but she is coming more often to play

at the end of the alley there was another black kitty
they were staring at each other
then i came with my silly camera & interrupted

sun, hair, shades, lethargy, summer in the spring and rather long post

I started writing this on my head
On the way back from 7-eleven
Where I got a diet pepsi
This might be rather misleading
Since I don’t really drink much soda
And diet soda even less
And I usually don’t go to 7-eleven’s
Unless is for coffee
So was a little unusual

It is Monday and it is really sunny outside
But inside I feel very dull
And rather bored
It is sunny, & all is very pretty
Perfect and nice
I have no issues in my life
Yet the boredom, oh woman, here I am

I left work and went swimming at the YMCA!
With this breaking-record heat in San Diego
Over the 80’s, and fire hazards all over the place
It felt like a perfect day for swimming
I am not a good swimmer at all
And I haven’t swam in so long

So what I feel as boredom
Might be that relaxed almost lethargic feeling
One get after a good swim!

It was quite nice out there
I was able to manage a couple of laps on the swimming pool
Just 5 and I was in the same lane with 2 older man
About 50 and 60, I took breaks in between half laps
They didn’t and they did 2 or 3 laps in the meantime I did 1
Rather embarrassing for my gender and age
But they didn’t seem to care, since they stop & chatted
Every other break, always smiling back

Anyway, here is very hot & blue open sky
The little heaven can be boring
Too much summer-feel-like sun can be dull in the spring
When over-used even beauty or heaven can be dull

Oh I haven’t washed dishes in 3 days
I haven’t use many either
Been fixing sandwiches and cappucinnos
& didn’t do laundry either
my place somehow still seems OK
another mystery of my domestic life!

I think I am tired (even if in a good way)
Both mentally & physically
And I mean in a good way
Just because I have worked a lot
And I did a lot of physical work too
So the lethargy seems natural now

The heat although
Those curatives rays of sun
That give you life and then drain it out of you again

Ah life in the heat, the summer-ville of life
Radical difference is the surrounding
What an even duller day this might’ve been in a big city
But in San Diego, dull & boring, as the evening comes close
Is just elder and relaxing
Ha! Yes I am old, and i like it!
And I feel like Herman Hesse in Baden Baden
Or like Miss Marple solving a mystery in a summery castle in England
Although today was her day off
I might end up in Florida at this pace
Rather be dark again…
can one be old & manage the secondary effects of a dark train of thought?
can one body & mind take it?

i rather swim and smile more
i live in California, after all... ironic!
& this killing drying but blessed sun i enjoy

More of summer-instead-spring sopor
sopor –I think this is a code word why I include
the dictionary entry)
1.Pathology. a deep, unnatural sleep; lethargy.