Sunday, September 17, 2006

strange sunday

if life would have come with a set of printed instructions
for sure, i would be right now reading them
one by one
fine print and every single hidden clause

i have no instructions
and i keep on going where i shouldn't

and then all of a sudden i read above
yep! it makes sense
chronology of my own stupidity

i don't know why i can't shake off me this feeling that
i ruined something... some remorse or guilty tastes like

like when you break without bad intention
a precious crystal object that your parents told you not to play with

but it looks so pretty that you want to touch it and get closer
and then you handle it wrong, and you broke it
that moment before your parent find out about the accident
is how i've been feeling this sunday

because i am not sure if my actions are amendable or
again how to fix what i might have broken
i don't have instructions :(

why do i click in too many places?

again that feeling as the smiths song
big mouth strikes again

a sunday night and it is quiet and eerie atmosphere
in the evening

i tried to water the little plants outside
your flower included
and the garden hose i bought is gone
some workers or the new neighbor probably took it
but just was strange because i thought that would distract me

ironic also

and i took this photo a weekend ago
of the funny trunks
and life was sad and still too then
but different
how life twists on a week
from weekend to weekend

time is magic you wrote me one day
time is magic and i hope one day i can
float on it gently