Tuesday, January 28, 2014


milk, cheese, butter,
dairy is the saddest industry!
taking away young hungry calves
from their mothers, so we can have
their milk, cows hooked endlessly to
machines, milk is cruel!

dairy is the saddest industry!
you can stop this! by NOT choosing dairy in any meals
please stop the animal holocaust!

and dairy is also really bad for you!

Friday, January 24, 2014

chickens, the most abused animals

Professor John Webster, of the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Science, has said:

“Broilers are the only livestock that are in chronic pain for the last 20% of their lives. They don't move around, not because they are overstocked, but because it hurts their joints so much."

They are fed large amounts of antibiotics and drugs to keep them alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them. The antibiotics make chickens grow so large, so fast that they often become crippled under their own weight. This reckless use of antibiotics also makes drugs less effective for treating humans by speeding up the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

A 3-ounce piece of skinless chicken breast meat has as much cholesterol as beef. http://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/food/chicken-breast/cholesterol

Chicken are the most abused farmed animals:
"I was almost knocked to the ground by the overpowering smell of feces and ammonia. My eyes burned and so did my lungs, and I could neither see nor breathe….There must have been thirty thousand chickens sitting silently on the floor in front of me. They didn’t move, didn’t cluck. They were almost like statues of chickens, living in nearly total darkness, and they would spend every minute of their six-week lives that way."
—Michael Specter, New Yorker,
You can stop this cruelty!
The food your choose every day, every meal
has huge consequences on animals, on the environment
and in your health!

chickens are crippled and in pain!

California's worst drought in history

Want to conserve water?
Change the way you eat!
Countries have been fighting over oil
for the past decades... soon,
we will be fighting over water!

"Of the foods produced in the Golden State, the thirstiest by far are those that are derived from animals. Household impact is a trickle compared to the flood of water needed to produce meat, dairy, and eggs, especially when compared to plant foods. For example, a study at Cornell University found that producing one pound of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one pound of grain protein. Another study adds to the overflow of evidence finding that the amount of water needed to produce one pound of beef is almost 1,600 gallons, compared to just 102 gallons for a pound of wheat."

Please read this complete article and learn
what using animals for food is doing
to our environment and very low water reserves


Friday, January 17, 2014

Future of Food

Nobel Prize Winner Predicts Rise of Veganism in 2014

"We predicted the rise of health-motivated veganism and vegan haute cuisine in 2014, but Nobel Prize winning economist (and a professor at Stanford and Harvard) Alvin Roth predicts that veganism will become the dominant paradigm in the near future–or in his own words, that “meat eating might become repugnant” to the general population. In the latest issue of TIME magazine, columnist Joel Stein revealed some of Roth’s prediction for 2014." 

Nobel Prize-winning economist Alvin Roth

Read the complete article:

and an interview wit Alvin Roth on Future of Food

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quick vegan lunch at work:
Quinoa with red bell peppers, onions & garlic
(I cooked it last night, 15 minutes),
salad with baby kale, chards & spinach with grape tomatoes
(all organic and from a Trader Joe's bag),
tofu (microwaved with garlic, rosemary & black pepper).

Vegan food can be easily done,
is super tasty, healthy, and so cheap!

lunch at work: quinoa, salad, tofu

My favorite part: NO animals were hurt,
I didn't have to use the kind of food that
has to be raised for months,
living in a tiny cage suffering, then slaughtered,
and transported in so many trucks back & forth,
the grains & veggies were cultivated, cooked and eaten,
they didn't have to circulate through a cow's or pork
body to transform into calories,
the rest of the ingredients too,
this is good for the animals! For they don't suffer
and they don't have to die!
it is good for the environment!
imagine all the water saved by using crops directly to eat
instead of feeding the grains to the animals!

and for my health! My cholesterol has dropped
dramatically and even if I eat a lot of vegan bakery items
and dark chocolate every night, I am loosing weight!

What are you waiting?
Go Vegan!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

you can too

January is going fast
but you can still make some new year's resolutions
going vegan to help the animals
to become healthier, and to help the environment
is a great resolution!
Our planet and the animals are suffering immensely
You can do it! Here are
21 Reasons to Go Vegan for the New Year!

Try it, and then you can be a Happy Vegan too!

timeless time

I wish I could live a timeless day
I wish days and weeks would merge
Wrapped in a loving cocoon
All peace and care
But I cannot forget that today is just another day
With minutes and hours passing by
Slowly when animals are in so much pain
I am in peace, gently, watching the sun go by
But I cannot ignore, I cannot forget
Those right now, poor fellow animals
Living in a cage, others about to die
To feed the selfish humans
To entertain them or wear them
Or just to make them cry
Those blind to their enslavement and ache
I wish I could just forget
But I cannot and I won’t
Cause they need me
To speak and to write for them
These stubborn words
Hoping a compassionate human will read them
And too, care for them
Hoping that one day all of us can live
In peace, no humans no animals suffering
All in the loving nest
Of this beautiful planet
Without mourning, without distress

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

milk, cheese, butter, pain

This is your milk,
this is your cheese,
this is your butter,
this is their pain.

Do NOT consume dairy,
only YOU can stop this circle
of sadness and pain.

Friday, January 10, 2014

United Nations Report: World Urged to Vegan Diet

The United Nations is asking governments to encourage
a vegan diet: http://businesspublicpolicy.com/?p=2188
Only a vegan diet will save the resources of our planet,
please do not destroy our planet,
help the animals, help your health,
leave a healthy planet for your children.
Go Vegan! The UN is openly asking you to do it!
Please watch this video:

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Nutrition Facts

Watch Dr. Michael Greger's from NutritionFacts.org
informative videos on nutrition,
these popular videos from 2013 will help your health,
and might even save your life!


if you only want to watch one
watch his annual presentation