Thursday, November 30, 2006

orange day, www again

this day felt orange

with a tint of wintry brown

a sepia taste
an almost placid melancholy
a sore throat and a cold i have
puffy & warm eyelids
a bit of fever (near 100 f)
aspirin double & tea
forehead & breathing are warm
like a bull, ha!
i got
the connection internet is back

wind escape red & dry
cold california
dry california
all at once murky firmament!
purple one billows
enchantment climate fades
desiccated the air even by the sea
one character number humidity percent
these days
humidity in 1 number figure percent
7 pm 57 °F/14 °C
promise of very low again middle of the night

i ordered thai spicy food
thai hot basil chicken
chile has vitamin c
and my grandmother said
it helps you "sweating off" the cold
and it also makes me smile

ordered at home
lazy & sick
feels like winter
even in california-land

today i had a case of
“the grass is always greener on the other side”
one can’t judge how intense is the physical or moral pain
of somebody else
one each one knows his or hers internal ache…

it is good to be back
anytime i want

welcome back to you too!
my crony who know reads

a shooting tree from last week

no internet

sorry for not replying comments
or posting for a while

an internet connection has faded
into the mainstream of this lost web

hope i can recover it again!
one day... until then!