Saturday, September 15, 2007

die Küche, still & again

because feels like the core of it all
the nest of most quirkinesses
of mine
for sure
i guess

the place where you can control
the miniature things that unveil your
real character
what you drink or what you don't
how many bites? and of what?
the closest to basic human behaviors
food and the time for it
and drinks
and just as basic as walks
and each other's eyes to stare...
you can measure
and add up
sugar spoons, liquors
café and/or té
no matter if you cook
or just ingest
little samples of own reflection
on a table
or a stove

when peace came into a dark drink with lots of sugar and bubbles

one of the most famous Coca-Cola commercials
just because
i have nothing more interesting to post
and a retro ghost came around last night...
heh heh

across the universe

i wonder if this film
will be as good as the music they perform in it
it always a dubious matter
this film business
we'll have to wait and see

falling, yes i am falling
and she keeps on calling me
back again

there are givers and the are takers in this life
i think, i am a giver
rather to give than to take
and you?
are you a giver?
or a taker?

the YOUTUBE people are takers!
i gave them all my silly little videos
and they took them all away
for a couple of violations
mostly my Simpsons chunks and some
Wallace & Gromit ones
my YOUTUBE account has been
permanently disabled!

ALL the silly videos i had there
gone with the wind too...