Monday, March 23, 2015

World Water Day

Water is the most precious resource we have
In California we are living a 4th year of 'exceptional drought'
One way to save a lot of water is by eating a plant-based diet.
Animal Agriculture requires a lot of water and resources.
One quarter-pound hamburger takes 621 gallons of water to produce.
That's enough water to take over a month's worth of showers.
While a veggie burger (soy based) takes only42 gallons of water.
Both provide about the same amount of protein!
And the veggie burger has protein, it is healthier for you and our planet

Please visit the website Truth or Drought to better understand
the connection between animal agriculture and droughts.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Oceans collapse 2048 or Meat Out

For every 1 pound of fish caught,
an average of 5 pounds of other marine species
are caught, killed, and discarded.
NASA and National Graphic have studies
saying that our oceans might 'collapse' by 2048,
the amount of oxygen we find on the Earth's atmosphere
is related intrinsically with the acidity of the oceans.

Help save our Oceans, Eat Vegan for a Day
March 20th Meat Out!

Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Mr. Spock

RIP Mr. Spock, and Leonard Nimoy.
Leonar Nimoy was a vegetarian,
Mr. Spock, a vegan.
Mr. Spock, Vulcan, a non-violent species, won't kill animals for food
Like most Vulcans, Spock is a vegetarian, but really a Vegan!
Vulcans are a nonviolent species,
which is reflected by their eating habits.
"Ideally, do no harm. . . As far as possible, do not kill.
Can you return life to what you kill?"
This philosophy would most likely imply that
Vulcans are not just simply vegetarians, but VEGAN-
a very strict type of vegetarian who
consumes NO animal products whatsoever.
For example, a Vulcan would see no logic in
raising an animal to consume its eggs,
as that could be considered taking a life.

Leonard Nimoy was a talented artist NOT only Mr. Spock
I Vulcan-salute you Leonard Nimoy & Mr. Spock!

from an older post

Monday, February 09, 2015


Sad day, there are 2 crows around the office,
remember the crows back from 2006?
not sure if they are the same ones, probably
often I leave them Ezekiel back slices of bread
and left over fruit.
Friday morning I only saw 1 crow and was calling desperate,
making loud noises, never saw the other crow coming.
Friday evening, I saw a 'murder of crows',
crows get together to mourn a bird lost from the flock.
[watch this great PBS documentary on crows]

Today there was only 1 crow again.
He came when he saw me, they recognize me,
I left some apple for him,
I am afraid he lost his couple RIP crow #2
pict from 2006, older post on crows around the office
Animals Grieve, they have feelings,
they mourn their families and have complex connections.

All those animals living in factory farms,

chickens, pigs, cows, or the ones in the so-called 'humane' farms
know when a member of their family is dead.

Please stop eating the animals,

it is NOT necessary for you to survive and to be a healthy person
(on the contrary), don't make them go through this time

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Most animals for food are killed as babies.
When we consume animals are breaking the mother-child bond
and causing a lot of pain.

I know is scary to watch the painful truth of farmed animals,
but is even worse to stay blind and support it.

#GetReal #GoVegan

Monday, February 02, 2015


"As long as there is conscious life on Earth, there will be suffering. The question becomes what to do with the existence each of us is given. We can choose to add our own fury and misery to the rest, or we can set an example by simultaneously working constructively to alleviate suffering while leading joyous, meaningful, fulfilled lives. Being a vegan isn't about deprivation or anger. It's about being fully aware so as to be fully alive."
Matt Ball

Friday, January 30, 2015

dairy cows

Haunting words & photography from
Tamara Kenneally
on Dairy Cows
(yes, milk, cheese, butter)
With their engorged udders and empty stomachs, they ambled towards us in hope. In hope of food. In hope of help.

With their engorged udders and empty stomachs,
they ambled towards us in hope.
In hope of food.
In hope of help.
Once an animal gets to an abattoir,
as these dairy cows were,
there is very rarely a way out.

This is the furthest paddock away from
the actually abattoir building.

Over 700 dairy cows and unwanted cattle
are slaughtered daily here.
They are turned into hamburger meat.
If you are in America and ate a Burger King burger today,
these are the girls you probably ate.

Cows are not magic milk machines.
They must be impregnated to produce milk.
The thought of an entire industry based on
the lactation of females makes me shudder.

It's not just wrong, it's just plain creepy.
There was no way out for these beautiful girls.
Their cries of helplessness and fear were palpable.
They waited surrounded by a sense of doom.
As we walked away in tears,
all we could hope for was that their deaths be quick
and soon.
The unwanted. The unprofitable. Here is where they stand at the end of the line. After they've produced milk for human consumption and offspring for the meat industry, they are no longer profitable.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit

Today's article in the New York Times
U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit
Animal Welfare at Risk in Experiments for Meat Industry...

After reading I feel so hopeless, the poor animals!
The humans and the species that we have become.
I started questioning my food choices
because of health reasons and very quickly realized
where our meat comes from, long story short;
I am a healthy vegan now,
easily done if you get the proper information.
70% of the crops in the USA go to feed animals,
if we use those crops to eat the grains directly,
we could actually feed the entire planet,
and save water and other natural resources.

Check the painful graphic

I am glad people are getting educated and
realizing that producing 'cheap' meat
is NOT the answer to feed the planet,
the UN has been saying this for years
I truly hope that people reading this article in NYT
start paying more attention to what they eat,
the amount of suffering that implies trying
to feed a planet on ‘cheap meat’,
tax payers shouldn’t be supporting this nor
the immense cost of medical bills for a sick population.

Lambs in the “easy care” experiment are tagged so they can be traced to mothers that often abandon them after being left to give birth in open fields. The ones here died during a weekend last May. Credit Michael Moss/The New York Times
Go Vegan, is easy, delicious, and you will uplift your soul.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Los Angeles and Griffith Observatory

On the first days of January my mom and I
decided to visit the Griffith Observatory
spent a day in Los Feliz neighborhood Los Angeles
we encountered some lovely places & views
I don't have many night pictures, but at night is
when you can see the stars, is a place worth the visit!

Griffith Observatory

The sky is the limit!

View while climbing to the Observatory
View of Los Angeles city from the Observatory
My mom at a little French restaurant in Los Feliz
Los Feliz theater showing art and independent films!
Skylight books is a great neighborhood bookstore

Me at Skylight Books

The Punchbowl, a raw vegan milkshake place

Thursday, January 01, 2015

First sunset of 2015

Went for a nice walk this afternoon with my mom
a bad picture of a lovely canyon during sunset
in the neighborhood of Mission Hills, San Diego
Mission Hills canyon

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