Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Moby's Porcelain gets Pawpproved by Literary Gato

Herr Gato's love for literature emerges, or in this case,
rests again. His known love for books favors now
the open, funny, and truly wonderful Moby's memoir
Moby, the electronic musician, who I love and respect
not only for his music but for his vegan life, and mostly
because he is just a really really good human being.
One of my first electronic music albums was Moby's Ambient.
I still have my CD! All beat up, I exchanged it in Mexico City
at El Museo del Chopo, where Mexican goth kids used to NOT
buy music but exchange it. I still play it a lot.
Follow Herr Gato's recommendation and read Moby's Porcelain.
And get ALL his albums, you will smile, knowing that
there is people like Moby out there.

Check this link for other books favored by the Literary Gato
Herr Gato loves Moby's book, because he knows Moby truly loves animals

After the 1st photo, he curled even more over Moby's book

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Books 1 of 7

I am doing a book "posting" on Facebook.
I feel so sad to have abandoned by blog and posting more on Facebook and Twitter.
So the least I can do is share this 7-day challenge of posting 7 books!
here goes Book 1:

Day 1 of my 7-day book challenge: Rayuela (Hopscotch) is a novel by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar. I was nominated by Donna Rauch to share 7 of my favorite books, no explanation. Each day post a book cover and nominate a fellow book lover to participate (if they want!). I accept that nomination and nominate Hermione Betts Cloney #books