Thursday, May 15, 2014

wildfires in San Diego County

it has been two infernal days in North County
San Diego, yesterday there were 9 fires going on!
The high temperatures and low humidity are
the most dangerous combination to create fires
The Santa Ana winds conditions keep fueling
the fires, Santa Ana winds happen typically
in September and October, when it is fire season
it is only May but after years of drought
California is hot & dry
and there are global warming deniers out there!

  • NEW: The number of raging fires falls to eight, from three dozen overnight
  • NEW: A total of 9,987 acres are now scorched earth
  • NEW: A fire in San Marcos is now firefighters' No. 1 priority
  • Thousands are ordered to evacuate; schools across region close
tomorrow temperatures will start cooling off
and the winds will start coming from the shore instead
of coming from the East, we are hoping for some relief!

May 14, 2014 at some point there were 9 separate fires in the county!
Check this gallery!