Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the length of the days

i wish the days were longer
not like in the summer
but like 15 hours longer
making them each 27 hours long

i wish i had to work only 1/4 of that time
and have the rest of the day free
to stare at the clouds, and their capricious shapes
i wish i had 3 hours each morning to make breakfast
to slowly drink café

i wish i could play from 5 to 6 hours with each cat
every day & i wish to embrace a long book
without worrying about this time i waste

i wish to go for a 248 mile walk
without interruptions nor shortness of breath

i wish my life was long
not 70 years or so but
i wish i could live to a 300
with no sickness and no remorse

for the nights
i wish them to still be short
full of colorful dreams and not waking up
by asthma attacks or nightmares or burglars
or sirens of cops or firemen or choppers above

i wish my days were long enough
but sadly, they are not
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