Thursday, November 06, 2008


last night i watched this rather interesting documentary
about the typeface Helvetica

the films introduces a lot graphic design and typography talk
but also a lot of interesting points on global visual culture
and how we recycle the visuals presented to us every day

the documentary balances between beautiful photography
of New York City, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zürich, London
and Münchenstein, Switzerland, where Helvetica was born
and dynamic urban shots presenting the stellar Helvetica

all structured in between interviews
with an endless list of graphic designers, typographists,
and other graphic gurus

one thing that i think keeps this films so alive
is that is a little controversial
the filmmaker Gary Hustwit
interviews both
Helvetica advocates and Helvetica adversaries
Helvetica users and Helvetica haters

yes! a typography can have enemies
but then you'll have to watch the documentary
don't want to spoil it for you
just recommend it
ah! cool music too