Friday, April 12, 2013


last Sunday I felt awful
I almost fainted at the laundromat
sweaty, clammy feeling
have I been eating too many carbs? YES
have I been not exercising? YES
so after the scare and some blood tests
I am back to something my beloved mother taught me
many years ago: Juicing!
so instead of my morning coffee with toast
I am blending and / or juicing:
Pineapple or carrots or apples (or all)

the concoction is delicious!
is refreshing and feels like a blessing to my belly
and system in the mornings

I still drink coffee, once I get to the office
and I have a 'normal' lunch

when I come home, I have another juicy wonderful
refreshing magical green concoction
and then dinner, usually I am less full after all those
veggies and marvelous micro-nutrients

Only 5 days, and my skin looks clearer
my hair shinier and I have more energy
the power of the green veggies!!
Give it a try!

I started blending the ingredients
and now I got a juicer too, a Breville
since the juice has no fiber, I am doing
a mix of juicing and blending
I choose to juice green veggies and to blend fruits

OK, did I say I still have my coffee at the office?
just not first thing on the tummy on the AM

if you are interested on juicing and the powerful health
habit of it, checkout these links: