Wednesday, August 30, 2006


my knee still hurts
mostly when i walk

last night had a yoga class
seems to work
and ice afterwards
but this morning

morning adventures
while making café
and saw on chat
a man from another world

my phone rang
8.10 am, huh?
i didn't get to it soon enough
the knee, i walk slow...

then the numbers calling

i feel like i am every day getting closer
to the twilight zone

and in one knee

sonic youth's the empty page the song

sometimes... is the ride work better with or without a song?
every day
is of a different color

like your beautiful fotografías

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

monday monday

my t-shirt
½ bleach chlorine
½ soap softener

but both
halfs are a whole
very strong!!
I changed the working clothes

But the t-shirt
of now
They all, smell the same

Happy half
the other one

A bifurcate
A matter of freaking bifurcated smell!

Dunno if I like it or not

the fotos are from March 30, 2005

Mission bay area, i just have had my camera for 4 months

That’s the case…

I think I am just basically
Pissed (La donna è mobile, for more see Giuseppe Verdi)

When you feel saying
Diciendo suave letra por letra

Like that ( i wonder if i can post bad words? i will see now...)

I think is the knee
Heating pad all day
Then de-frosted my dinner there
Ice freaking agrrrr therapy should read

I tried to walk faster
And damn…

It sucks
So I am pissed (la donna e still freaking and more and more mobile)

The clothes…

After all
The clothes
Smell very nice

A tom waits without beer-sucks
Listening night
Tom waits
Most definitively fucking so…
What I need

Good night

Here some boats

From a long ago when my little canon seemed like enough

a long ago is not
3.2 megapixels and ah sigh

I need a new camera too…
who could be like steve austin/lee majors
a bionic knee
and a bionic camera like...

complain complain complain
Monday night

hackers & painters, good & bad procrastination

paul graham
notable programmer, writer, hacker, painter
author of
hackers & painters

writes this little essay on good and bad procrastination
don't miss it, i think is worth reading...
maybe you'll save it for... mmm, let's see... later?

monday morning ride

There is some sort of commonly beauty
Hidden on the Monday morning ride
A mixture of melancholy of the gone lost weekend

Guilt for the leisure hours
Longing for the rest not quite improved…
With the assurance of a routine day
A week of word ahead

And where did the weekend go?
No more free time to wonder off

The routine dictates decisions
Otherwise hard to make by your own
Gratis are hours of the weekend
Freedom burns like in-jail
with you so far-away

Monday morning ride
Back to work
to the known life

Its certainty gives it
A typical-coffee-early-like
Crisp-linen-white shirt clean
to i miss...
& you know?

A long flight metallic bird
away from here
And some & many mysteries
will be unveiled or not…

but as Pliny the Elder (23 AD - 79 AD) long ago said:
“In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain.”

A good working week ahead
I need to concentrate and work
And I pretty much

more silly and yet confused woman portrayed

Sunday, August 27, 2006

hollywood bowl: cancelled! (for me at least)

i was supposed to be here today
hollywood bowl, los angeles, california

the line up was, is (please check their sites, amazing musicians all)

gotan project
josé gonzalez
matthew herbert

and admirable DJ from Santa Monica's independent radio station KCRW (thanks to this radio station for existing!!) Jason Bentley will be the host

i can't believe i am missing zero7, gotta be really lazy...

i cancelled out of being a little out of it
still tired and knowing i have a tough week
catalog designing, short but every-day meetings

but now that i read the line-up again
i am jealous
i had a ticket and let it go...

this is how you do it at the bowl
eating & drinking in a set of 4 box seat
before and during the show (ah sigh)

yet 2 hrs car drive to Los Angeles
with Los Angeles traffic
and the idea of coming back home
around 2 am after the show
made it call it off...

here some of the participants of the past hollywood bowl adventures
and how they finish after the show...
san diego i stay here
to watch more kolibri
rest, laundromat, books
and maybe later tonight some more...

sunday domingo sonntag ;)

Friday, August 25, 2006

notes in a purse/snakes on a plane

I keep on finding random “philosophical” notes in my purse

I write them in pieces of paper at random times too
Randomness rules my purse space
I keep them sometimes, other many times they end in the closest trash can
My trash-can literature heh heh

This one below was written during a conference at work
On the value of education
Apparently I wasn’t paying much attention
Because was writing this

Why is education important?
To tame the devils of your own
To forget the doom of war of killing each other
& to preserve the good quality of a soul
To don’t, again, fall

and that’s why tonight, still worrying on miss-education
With another 2 nerd friends
I am going to a higher education class
To watch the very-awaited
Snakes on a plane

i truly enjoy art film more but tonight i just play dumb
not that is that hard...

And I am sure is such an idiot Americanization
But hopefully laughable out of so much stupidity
What a freaking title!

here some of hype links

Well there was a movie also on snakes back on 1973
Called Ssssssssss
What could be worse than that…

well, and now that i read all those things on snakes
and cheesyness, i might just stay at home and read my book
as usually do on friday nights

too many snakes now...
randomness jumping out of the purse to my little brain
hello! :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

probably the page i visit the most every day
is (not my google e-mail as you would think)

today i found surprised that they have a new face!
different look
but so far seems to be working all right!
all right!

and most important
they still carry the helpful dictionary translator always contributing to my international happiness

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

recycling an old sonnet

sneak in quiet
quiet is here since

i made it
new further
working day

the freeway
those plants
right at the edge
of a resting lane
the fast one aside

they grow
a little more
every day
greener and taller

where it should not

wonder if the cleaning truck
that dust off all freeways away
is going to get rid
-like an inevitable sword
of all of them

an enclosed image

their presence: sparkle small green
with dust of white flowers

a lost wave of a lost hand
if ever once
they happen to not be
if not there

harrowdown hill video

radiohead vocalist thom yorke
the harrowdown hill video from his new album the eraser is out

But I'm coming home, I'm coming home to make it alright so dry your eyes
We think the same things at the same time, we just can't do anything about it
The shortest distance between two points is under construction... :)
- Noelie Altito

Saturday, August 19, 2006

wallace & gromit

what could be better to finish a quiet saturday night
than an episode of old time favorites lovely wallace & gromit
bring the cheese, the crackers, and of course the tea :)
ceylon, if you please

too bad my batteries ran out right before the appearance of the infamous feathers mcgraw
in this silly movie
charming piece the wrong trousers
do not miss also a grand day out and a close shave, both excellent

don't miss the web-site
good night & sleep tight

Thursday, August 17, 2006


the best web-site on music ever

i would have to confess that i actually liked better their older site
the one with central text and 2 green bars on the side...

still, the best!
they are home of one of my favorite bands
godspeed you! black emperor

and listen to brainwashed radio


another day, another crow

yes, some nights are this idle

personal library
with long shot at the end of the video
of my favorite reading of 2005
The New York Stories of John McNulty.
By John McNulty.
and Ezra the bookfinder, has found it...
well the smiths cemetry gates, what can i say? that...
A dreaded sunny day So I meet you at the cemetery gates
Keats and Yeats are onyour side A dreaded sunny day
So I meet you at the cemetery gates Keats and

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a thing to remember

just too little out if to really write about
but as this
a calm peaceful night

one of those sit next back next reflex next much calm...
or more just plainly playing a la Stephen McTo... ha!
or just as in i didn't really forget to bring my towel

a retrospective rather so
rather so? i knew it was a bad idea
don't panic! though heh heh

the event of the week
the border issue at the crossing point

sunday since 10.30 until way after
the noon
that is 6 pm

my aunt & i trying to cross the border
me gringa, she ok visa

details soon

ok rather happier nicer stuff to remember too
but of those
you & i knew

sunday border
a story to write soon

tia mary really sorry
for the behavior of a country
that likes to crunch some souls

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

book reading

i was reading my book
but not really paying attention to the plot
i was just watching the little empty worms
those spaces of light that are left between sentences and words
then magically realized
that the empty spaces were delineating
another form
those blanks were drawing... calling
the letters of a name
of a shape of what i think might be your soul
a letter T first appeared, then an H
later an I followed by the L, and to finish with an O…

and yes your name was there!
in the empty spaces of a novel
now accompanied by small image
that since this morning
i keep of your face in a little corner of my soul
close to where i storage small doses of hope

Saturday, August 12, 2006

polar bear not quite at the pole

i don't really like zoos
and i worried about this furry guy being a bit too warm
but he seems pretty happy, huh?
a wonderful time with my aunt at the
world famous san diego zoo

if the resolution is too bad
you can always check the original
at my youtube account, it is bad there too heh

Friday, August 11, 2006

summer little poem

nobody believed me
and the grill was outside
reality’s clear transparent but why not sidetrack
the coals are flushing brave
the friends the behinds
never the charcoals could understand
this late summer pain

an unknown face

same skylight
same sleepy cat
that is not mine

a soul to excavate
if not ‘cause of the similarity i know i were assembling
would not differentiate between comparison and déjà vu
these strange days

head ache now gone
was i really much happier those green belly days?
waiting for a well-known face
back then?
or the expectations to wait will bring happiness again?

so strangely superfluous your velocities and mine
wish had even slower time
like in mailed letters
like in mailed loves
the ones that haven’t happened yet

not all slow that is left is my own
dying slow, feeling into the soul
living waiting
living without hesitation
without love
without knowing your face

analyzing every second
while it is gone

and you an unknown face
unknown yet soul
so far across continents unheard of
the same window
the same cat, still not mine

and every second you more afar
seem to be as goes another night
another day

Thursday, August 10, 2006


i found out the cause of the nausea on tuesday
i had a migraine coming on

are one of the worst things that my body has ever been through
this one was a really hard one
i get migraines about every 3 months
but this one was probably one of the hardest ones i ever felt

i left the office in the middle of a puking festival on tuesday
and ended at the emergency room
thanks to perro-friend and my lovely non-speaking english aunt that were with me

not a good tuesday after all but medication did it for me this time

the doctor gave me two shots that made a whole difference though
a toradol double injection
followed by a 'being very high' sensation but with some relief
and another single shot of reglan to stop the nausea
this might be gross but hey! it is my gross blog
so i can write any gross stuff eh?
before the shots, i vomited about 20 times
10 at the not-very-clean-office bathroom
and at least another 10 at home

and well the photo below shows
how your heads feels while having one of these lovely
headaches called migraines
i wonder what people in the past used to do
when this kind of pain was going on and medication wasn't invented yet
mmm? guess that's why the mortality rate was so high

i really thought, the way i felt tuesday that that was it
but no! here i am again & still
oh well!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



8 / 8 / (2 + 0 + 0 + 6) = 8

8 / 8 / 8


y México SIN presidente

al menos no oficialmente

and in the meantime, the toll roads are for free
because the campaigners took over the booths

Demonstrations have half paralyzed Mexico City

aquí links en Inglés de BBC Londres

y en Español


physically exhausted today
strong headache

not sure if it’s the belly
or the crazy head

however i have to work
many pending projects

i wish i could go home and rest
this blog my little break/escape

since thinking of work
(at work)
makes me even more nauseous

one of those days
that the feeling in the body

and the head
makes you want to…

all throw up &…

sick and in a little bit (much?) of pain
specially the head

not well not well…

Monday, August 07, 2006


it is
in this freaking competitive world
to remember who you really are
hard to stop the competition
for looks, for fashion, for power, for money
even for love!
for all... competition and always the horrible cantata: the winner takes it all

every wants the best piece of everything
everybody willing to take but not to give back, specially with time
mmm? want want want they want
i just want some peace of mind
i don't need much money at all
and money and possessions mostly bring sorrows and suck up your time
i don't need a position or name or anything i feel, but to be alive and the "possibility of"
i feel i just a few friends around and some love but no rush

that is all, it is hard to remember that there is always more time than life...

but... how can you make people understand you are not greedy?
in a full of greed world?

mmm? maybe i should
read blindness again
saramago's lesson on the futility of it all

maybe everybody should read it
saramago's a genius of life and of detachment
after all he did win a nobel prize, huh?
another acquisition that doesn't, well, go

“In the end we discover the only condition for living is to die.”
-José Saramago quote

Sunday, August 06, 2006

mi tía margarita

mi aunt margarita arrived to day from México!!!
to visit me for a couple of days
it seems that this is my summer of mexican relatives/visitors

she brought in her suitcases just FOOD, delicious typical mexican 'comida'
yes! barely some clothes, since she's planning to shop here

so here suitcase was sort of a mistery for the customs people
"So you said you brought tamales?", they asked her...
and "Cheese for your niece?" (that would me)

"and Calabaza?, since we dont' know how to tax that go ahead..."
the officer said, not wishing he could keep some of the food he smell

so straight from autlán, méxico
a shipment that is gold for me!

tortillas raspadas para tostadas, tamales, dulce de calabaza y quesos panela

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

the bowmen

it is a beautiful friday in san diego, california
it is finally not very hot, but sunny
it was cloudy and very muggy the past couple of days

but today is a fine friday in southern california
very fit for a a ghostly story
one of my favorite ghost writers mister arthur machen

here the link to the ebook of the bowmen men
a great little (short) ghost story

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

yes, it was that hot

these my lovely candles photographed below
one day couple of weeks ago
arrived home after
one of the hottest days in san diego

this is how the candles were at my living room
yes my little hardwood-floor/soft-wood ceilings
is a wooden oven...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

sidewalks under construction

A man is building a little road
That road will serve many other men to walk on

While that man is building the road
He thinks of the benefit his work will bring

Yet one day, once the road is finished
He won’t have anything else to pass his seconds every day
Since the road is already built

Now is the job of the men walking that road?
To know what their walking through will be beneficial to…

This is not a religious parabola or anything like that
I just think of how I spent every second of my day
Some of my seconds are spent building something that I will use later
Some are spent in using those things I built before

At the end of the day
I just have seconds spent
I guess that is life
Spending the seconds in a ‘proper’ way…

Life’s passing
As I type
As you read…
As we breath
in and out...

I wish I could be in love one day again
With an unknown man that cares
For some of my seconds share
and for watching with me the crows cry

love is a good way to pass your life around
art such as... works also dignifies