Wednesday, June 29, 2011

La la la (etc.)

i haven't posted any tea-tags advices in a while
maybe because i haven't been drinking bagged tea
and the few i drink, don't have a tag

but today on this Detox tea
there is one, and yes, i usually follow my heart myself
that's why i come across as emotional,
a bit hysteric, and a lot sensitive, or so i feel like
do you follow your heart? your stomach? or your head?

a little song by Low to go with the tea, and the post

As a child I hid between the pages
Cutting secret phrases overhead
But things we turn our back on when we're older
Only drag us back into our bed

Something's turning over
You'd better get out while you can
Something's turning over

Angels setting fire to the ocean
Pirates making liars out of men
No, I don't think we'll ever see their faces
I don't think we'll ever see the end

Something's turning over
You'd better get out while you can
Something's turning over

Get out while you're young

Every now and then I feel them breathing
Moving through the rooms so quietly
And just because you never hear their voices
Don't mean they won't kill you in your sleep

La la la, [etc]

Monday, June 27, 2011


i am not happy
i have a kidneys infection
apart from the back pain and other maladies
i have a bad case of the blues

blues blues blues

ah [sigh]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

after a long day

i've so busy!!
conference at work all of last week
took over 800 photos of it
made galleries, website
etc. etc. etc.

and tonight
so tired
and these two
look like they've been having a long day

Herr Gato, too much mouse playing

Frau Kitty, ready for bed

Sunday, June 05, 2011

another kind of silence

there's a certain sadness to finishing a book
a little hole in the heart left
after many afternoons shared
like when an old friend moves away
or when a summer romance ends

i finished Let It Come Down
a couple of days ago
i've been flirting with other new books
fresh projects, of alligators and mysteries
and challenges of over 1,000 pages

but now & then, i wish i hadn't finished
my old book, it was comforting to know
i would read a little of it every day
i knew the characters
but i never knew how the plot
would end...
it's a great book but also it's not the best book
i've read, i just know i miss it

and then i realized
that almost every time i finish a book
i feel the same little sweet pain
the little déjà vu
a subtle melancholy's there

yes, like another short love story
that has come to an end

another kind of silence
Paul Bowles would've said

now to start another romance
to engage page by page

Friday, June 03, 2011

me and death

i try to forget about her
but she keeps on appearing, everywhere

there's a small young possum dead
trapped under my back door
half body in, half body out
but completely dead

and my neighbor's cat...
and this mysterious pain in my breast

when i breath
when i care
when, for the cats, i search

i keep on being reminded
of how fragile life is
and of the constant menace
she is, always

'cause where there's life
and there's hope
she likes to lurk
to ensnare!

i wish i could
about her, forget
but as soon as i misrecollect her
she comes forth again!

she's a constant threat

please please
oh death!
do go away
i'd like to breath
i'd like to forget

Thursday, June 02, 2011

the city and the sea

on a coldish Sunday of June
i took my friend to the Coronado island
this is the view of San Diego from Coronado

and a smooth electronic song, Deep Blue Sea
written by my best friend (d.j.ix aka perro)
under his musical-pen name Looprication

to go with the imagery

[click on the panorama to see full size]