Sunday, June 24, 2007

anyone can play guitar... (?)

i wonder if that's true
i tried once, an electric guitar
as this old image shows
enough i played for my friend to take the picture

& then radiohead says
anyone can play guitar

guess not anyone after all
wonderful video from a mexico concert
have seen them many times
want to see them again, at least once

Saturday, June 23, 2007

green & idleness

today was a very slow day
i am very tired after a long week
and getting ready for an even busier one

today just green stripes
here in the little movie
the big palm tree outside
and 100 pages of
three bags full
that turns to be sheepier
and more intriguing as i
turn to a new page, every time

Thursday, June 21, 2007

the longest day of the year

and so it was..
june 21st, the summer solstice
the longest day of the year
the earliest sunrise
at the north pole: 24hrs of sun!
at the south pole: a timeless night
for 24 hours was black

and in the middle of the land, 12 hrs
equal time
of day and of night
like a chocolate & cheese pie

the summer is officially here!

and to honor not the summer season
but this specific summer of mine
vivaldi's summer – but the 3rd movement
the presto! the stimulating! the exhilarating one!
although in this movement antonio
makes allusion to a storm
the power of this season
is what i try to call upon
my summer foretells
will be a wave of the sea
that leaves and comes back
bringing a refreshing splash of water
hidden in somebody's expected smile

this lovely summer anticipation!
that feeds me now & then with secret little smiles
and to perform the selected piece
who better than glitzy nigel kennedy?
another of his controversial performances
(and check out the English Chamber Orchestra wearing allusive sunglasses)

ah! not the summer but this summer…
my days are clear, while you dream at night
in the other side of the world
you wake up and in my head
i kiss your forehead, good-night
this summer won't be just mine...

ps. also happy b-day today to a dear friend!
another superb photographer!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

little humans

it seems common among humans
to desire most what we can not have

the things easily given to us,
we don't appreciate that much
until one day... they are gone

we always want more
what is impossible to reach

just regular stupid
human behavior

so i decided to be NO human
NO more!!!

milk & sky

Morning &
I’ll walk out the door of my existence
facing a bright blue sky
Spilled like hot milk
On a warm morning stove
minute white clouds hop around

dazzling blue cuts this sorrow
the milk melted, was your eyes

Saturday, June 16, 2007


as they night rolls in
i feel a bit more vulnerable

nights like tonight
i feel a little lonely
and melancholic

i am not sure why
or how my life has developed
but at this point
i am still lonely
after all these years

and tonight
as i feel a bit sad
i wish that beloved person
was closer... but the one that i think
that could be the one, that could comfort my heart
is so far from here...

oh if you could just call
out of the blue, in an spontaneous way
just to hear your voice...

i wish i had a warm arm
around me while i watch silly TV
somebody to smile at
and a warm shoulder to rest my head on
on this quiet time

i miss that complete friend that loves me too
closer here... by my side

tonight i feel a little common
just another woman lost
on the big World Wide Web
trying to find a refugee for all these lost feelings
just another woman
trying to reach for love
how many of us out there!
asking for attention, for some care...

little video of a beautiful song
with pink floyd and billy corgan
a unique reunion
on the bright side
i finished my cleaning diet!
thank you very much!
you my friends that supported me through this
with comments and nice words
i feel better knowing that i made it!
now to keep on eating light for a week
and hopefully eating healthier now
for the rest of my little lonely life
& one day, it won't be lonely anymore
i hope

Friday, June 15, 2007

hungry hungry homer

oh another favorite episode
and i relate so much tonight!
"Dancin' away my hunger pains...
... movin' my feet so my tummy won't hurt
I am kind of like Jesus...
but not in a sacrilegious way... "

but i can't eat!
just 1 more day, ah!
i can make it!

also i can't break the liquids just like that
i must go back to eat little by little
or i might get sick!
but oh... so hard tonight
ok ok another freaking lemonade

Thursday, June 14, 2007

savon de france

since i was a little girl
i have had a special interest for soap bars
there's something about soap bars
their smell, the little rituals of cleaning,
beauty, and personal care that they represent...

i was so much into soaps that i even wrote a little tale about soaps in spanish!
i am trying to find it...
i use to spend much time in the market
smelling different soaps
brands from all over the world
what a pleasure to see the labels
printed in different colors and styles!

labels of foreigner products
specially soaps, are another one of my delights

these busy days, among many things to do
sometimes i forget my little affections of other days
the little pleasures that i find in small things

i am not the kind of woman that likes expensive things
not at all! on the contrary i despise too expensive products

i truly appreciate small things
like a nice soap bar, a cup of good tea
chatting with a good friend in a public park
or waking on a sunny side-walk
has much more meaning to me
than expensive things...
i don't really like very expensive or sophisticated soaps
nor exotic liquid shampoos
just regular brands, but oh what a joy to see soap bars from other countries!
also hand-made soaps are beautiful
i found a very lovely store in Old Julian

today, as i finished my 3rd day of internal cleaning
i went to the store to get an exfoliating soap
since i read that is good to exfoliate your skin while getting rid of toxins

i found this lovely and chunky bar from France!
it is a marvelous combination of the basic elements for a good skin health:
oatmeal, ginger, and almond

it was a pleasure to let the soap bar run all over my skin
oh! what a precious sensation and fragrance

so this night, i feel fresh & nicely soft & clean
and not just outside but inside too
and my skin is softer
oh what a luscious feeling...
i feel 'lighter' and a big hungry but happy to finish another successful day of cleaning myself
inside & out, i almost feel like a cat, a playful one! heh heh
meow ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wake Up, Sir!

here an excerpt from Wake Up, Sir!

"I just wanted to say that I think the word I is the saddest word in the English language. To me it means failure, disappointment, heartbreak, and death. Nothing good comes of being an 'I.' Know what the saddest word in French is? Je. . . . I don't know any other words for I. Wait, yo is I in Spanish. But yo doesn't sound sad. Maybe that's why Latins are in a good mood most of the time. Ich is the German one. My grasp of foreign tongues is better than I thought. Ich sounds like they're disgusted with themselves. Maybe that's why Germans are so insane. They do seem to be better lately, though. I don't think they'll give the world trouble again, but you never know. . . . Almost all peoples have a dark period, though theirs was very dark. America is in dark period right now, since we're leading the way in boiling the oceans and killing everything.

...Even the Scandinavians, who are sort of perfect—clean streets, good health-care, active sex lives—had a dark period, a brief Viking phase, but since then they've been very well behaved."

To which Jeeves responds, "A walk, sir?"

end of excerpt

now Jeeves is the butler, personal valet of a young writer from New Jersey... a butler in New Jersey? well, that's when the fun starts...

this was a deliciously sarcastic and funny book by Brooklyn author Jonathan Ames, I finished a couple of weeks ago, and I laugh and I laugh and I laugh... Ames style reminds me a lot of David Sedaris, another one of my selected authors...
Oh if I could find more books like these!

No regrets on any time spent reading any of these guys
enjoy! & please if you are either American, French, German, or Scandinavian for that matter, please don't take it personal, this was just a passage I got online without having to type...

today is day 2 of the diet, still all going well

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

summer cleaning - day 1

Limones en la casa de Tina
Nikkormat - film iso 100 FujiFilm

cleaning diet - day 1

after 38 years of use
i decided to give my digestive system
a little rest

i have this condition
for which is highly recommended a liquid diet
every now & then
but i am the kind of person that eats at least 5 times a day
not big meals, but i eat all day

anyway, my doctor recommended a 2 day liquid diet
just to clean the system
and while researching more on liquid diets
i decided for the 5 day version of a master cleanse

according to my "research" this liquid diet
based on lemons and honey, should last 10 days for maximum effect
but I since I am not sure I can hold that long without solid food
I am opting for the 5 days version...

so far, 1 day!
it is 10pm and i haven't had a single solid today
strangely, i am not hungry
maybe is the amount of maple syrup and lemon juice
and tons of water i have drunk
now & then during the evening i had cravings
and pictures of juicy dishes came to my mind
but i am seeing this not just a cleaning of the body
but also of trying to hold myself and being a little disciplined when it comes to food
i usually eat anything i want and i allow myself to eat too much of anything i like

i do feel what i guess is a rush of toxins in my body
and my head hurts a little
but i am happy to do something nice for my body
for once, since i have not taken good care of myself before
and as age comes closer
i realize that i have to take care of what i eat
and how healthy i am since i don't really like
to feel those stupid migraines and other annoying aches
if what it takes to feel fine is to be healthy
damn! and sadly and with remorse i kiss some of my toxins good-bye
not of all them though, some natural toxins are very good for you...

also i can't wait for my system to be so clean
that i will be able to perceive smells and tastes
of the new food i will eat much better

this is somehow a spiritual cleaning too
not sure why, but even if tired and very sleepy today
but i feel much more relaxed than other days!
maybe it is the lack of my beloved caffeine
that many days keeps on the edge of survival

mmm? interesting, they say by day 3 you feel light
and completely clear minded... we shall see...

now just another 4 days...

some lemons here
another film picture
and citrus and honey
a nice combo for a couple of days after all


Arrive home early
Turn on TV


Pain, anxiety, murder, chaos, war

Strange how all these are just words
And strange how encapsulated seem to be the feelings they seems to represent
Maybe it is the format
Those 3-minute quick notes from the press
3 minutes they have to depict a family’s tragedy
or the agony of a whole nation…

They (the news on TV, everywhere for that matter…)
sound so encrypted, so regulated
analyzed for a human fast digestion in the head

And as I think of each of the meaning of those words
I feel as I almost can’t take it

Pain, just 4 letters
To express all that it involves
Remember the last time you suffered “pain”?
No matter if physical or emotional
Of the body or the soul or the brain
It didn’t feel like something you could encapsulate in 4 letters, right?
It probably felt like an empty endless hole
Or like an overwhelming sensation that sometimes doesn’t let you breath
But nothing like just 4 lettered feeling

We human have these entities, the words
And as mister monk would said…
They are a blessing, they are a curse

One of my favorite authors of all times
Argentinean Julio Cortázar used to call them
Perras Negras – black bitches
That jump along a page

So I leave mine here today
Just more words
humanly encapsulated resources
to express to you
my feeling about them


i started my 5 day detox diet
i haven't eat any solids today...

Monday, June 11, 2007

pretty coffee

i had to walk to get a cappuccino
after watching this little film
sadly, mine didn't look as good as these

tell me you don't want a cappuccino now

Saturday, June 09, 2007

look who is back!

mister grasshoper

last Wednesday I had to stay sick at home
around the middle of the day
I went out of the house, to stretch out
and watch the plants...
the big old big palm outside my house has grown so much!
and I have to look under its green long leaves
since I cannot see the top of the leaves
and oh what I great surprise when I look up
what I discover under the leave
the shadow of my old time friend
(and yours...-smile, here)
Mister Grasshopper!!!
so I went inside to get my film camera
which was happily loaded with this film
Reala ISO 100 - Fuji Film
just 12 exposition on the film...

so it was nice to see mister grasshopper
at least his shadow
i knew he was around 'cause i find holes in the palm all the time :)

but the whole surprise doesn't end here
mister grasshopper brought a companion!
a little one... I think he became father!
and brought his small grasshopper son!
here is from the same roll, what I think is a younger grasshopper

I remember a couple of days ago watching through the window
a smaller than grasshopper "something" a smaller insect jumping on the plants
so... yeah mister grasshopper's still around
and it seems he's bringing on the family as well

the smell of summer gets closer...
every day around

{38 days... wow!}

Friday, June 08, 2007


tonight i watched this film
at my close neighborhood theatre old Ken Cinema
written and directed by actual former teachers...
the tagline is "Real teaching leaves a mark"
it was a funny great little film
educative, and bittersweet somehow
just 1hr 25min, recommended if it's around...

it was a nice night
thanks to friend Perro & friend Magnus
who is visiting San Diego as extended part
of this his San Francisco project
the RoboGames!
June 15-17
in the Festival Pavilion
at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

oneiric oscar

today was one of those very strange days
a bit of neurosis in the morning
a dash of paranoia around noon

i still have these strange dreams
borderline nightmares
of missing planes
of missing clothes
of missing my own life's plot!
what am i supposed to do next?
in general, i mean...

many days have like an embed script to them
an outline defined by your activities
you wake up, you go to work, you eat
(some days better, some days worse)
you come back home... you sleep
you smile if necessary
you'll frow in case of discontent
just as we all do every day
and then again... & again
& again...

but also there are days with no plot
with no script to follow
the pseudo-free time that this western culture
has provided us with the fake name of freedom!
that's what i feel sort of defines you
that's what i am afraid to loose in my nightmares
don't want to loose my own dialogues!
i feel unaffected by my own photos today
and i don't have a grasp of sense of my own art anymore
but i just haven't written them in so long!
no ideas no plans no artistic perspective
just work
i am afraid is when i feel lost
and when i start "nightmarish"
as i have been nightmarishing the past 3 days
every night a different nightmare
but today after all
there was a nice twist at the end of the day!
maybe the lapse is over...
to finish what i hope is the last troubled day
my favorite t-shirt for pajama!
oh Oscar!
i hope you scare these oneiric visits
of terror
and lucid bad dreams away...

i guess you are in real trouble
when you ask a Sesame Street character
some nightmare surveillance and for
some personal oneiric help... ha!
of course i am an expert on self-sarcasm
as well...

i am glad we are out!
and here in again...

Friday, June 01, 2007

june 1st

and it is June 1st
officially the 2nd half of 2007
has started...

who opened my time-jar?
where has all my time escaped?

have a good 2nd half of 2007

just another 46 days...

Well, it was 20 40 years ago today...

"Well it was 20 40 years ago today,
Sargent Pepper taught a band to play,
They've been going in and out of style,
But there garenteed to raise a smile,
So may I introduce to you,
The act you've known for all these years,
Sargent Peppers Lonely hearts club band!"

yeah! it was June 1st of 1967 when this amazing album
'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'
was officially released
the above clip from 68's Yellow Submarine
have a free-of-Blue-Meanies happy Sgt. Peppers anniversary!
free of silence and bad trips
and full of music & smiles!

and for a list of Blue Meanies'
weapons and species check here