Sunday, February 24, 2008

the 80th Oscars

the only movie i have seen so far
out of 5 nominated for Oscar
for the best picture is
No Country for Old Men
here an earlier review

and no wonder i went to watch it
the day it came out...
a combination of the always-witty Coen brothers
with extraordinary talented
spanish actor Javier Bardem
cannot go wrong

so tonight, it won
best director(s) - two in this case
best picture
and best secondary actor
Javier Bardem

2 great personal surprises
Tilda Swinton
for best supporting actress
i know her very well since she's the leading actress
of one bizarre film i love

i am really curious about
La Vie en Rose
of the life of Edith Piaf
specially since this lovely french actress
Marion Cotillard
won the Oscar for best leading actress

a dusty evening
cleaning finally a little my house
while watching the Oscars on the TV
not bad ending for a rainy Sunday

now i have yet another 10 or 15 films
to watch
ah sigh! there's more movies than time...

pancakes, rain and coffee

another rainy start in San Diego this morning

and an early start for me
8.15 am and me, already munching down some pancakes
and doing some Hausaufgabe
at a local Denny's

nothing like an early breakfast
on a raining morning
with some pancakes on the side
sidewalk-staring drops falling
hot coffee and pretending to read...
die deutsche Sprache