Thursday, December 31, 2009

a blue moon for a new year

today was a special day
the last one of 2009
a rather hard year for me,
death was sniffing around...
but with hope in the heart
and a double full moon, a blue moon
on the skies
i plan to start smiling this 2010

my poor attempt to photograph the captivating full moon without a tripod, too lazy to set it up...

this morning i went to my yoga class
and to celebrate the rare event of a blue moon
instead of sun salutations we did moon salutations

the version we did is a bit modified from the one on the link
i've never heard or done before moon salutations
so i thought that was pretty cool
probably the last thing i've learned in this 2009

a closer failure, but hey! there's a photo,
a bad one, but a photo nevertheless...

later, i had lunch at Jyoti Bihanga with my friend
el perro, was nice to see him before the year ends
i spent the last hours of 2009 putting together
an IKEA little table and getting rid of my old desk

i think is a nice superstition to start the new year
with a clean home, and even though i did clean much
i cleared the old desk and set the new table

i took a shower and now i rest the day
counting the hours, the minutes, not for 2009 to end
but for 2010 to begin
my two friendos the gatos are fast asleep
frau Kitty on her post, and herr Gato on the couch
i decided to not go out tonight but to stay in & relax
and it feels as Radiohead would say
Everything in its Right Place

and i guess is normal to make resolutions for the new year
i have no intentions to go hard on myself
but i do hope in 2010 to read more
about 300 books heh heh
and to do yoga more often, yes, to work out too
but specially more yoga, i do feel so fine
while facing downward like a dog

a warm eHug for you reading here
thank you for being my eFriend
and i sincerely wish you the healthiest of existences
for this coming year, and always in your life
a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy gentle soul

as today, and tonight i am
loving being alive another day
another year, another decade!
& thankful for coming all the way
from 1969 to 2010!