Sunday, September 16, 2007

lernen Deutsch

another busy afternoon
lerner Deutsch
die Stuhl draußen:
-kaffee! <-- die Zutat Zahlen eins
-vegetarian 'chicken' nuggets with Barbecue Sauce
-Erdäpfelpüree (afterall, i am learning Deutsch, potatoes are indispensable too!)
-die Bücher
-das Heft
-der Kugelschreiber
-die Bleistifte
-das Radiergummi

and after a couple of hours
i went for a little walk
escaped to a book store
and got me this kleine Buch
José Saramago's
"El Cuento de la Isla Desconocida"

the tale of the unknown island...
in Spanish, ah!
a spanish treat after all this Deutsch and English in my life

Saramago will provide some of my 1st language
when i have a little time! don't know when that
happen again...

egg sandwich

the problem with having access to the internet
is that one end up surrendering to the temptation
of posting almost anything
no matter how silly it is
not sure why
maybe a bit of a late altered state
but i cannot resist to post
my today's breakfast

-. a vegetarian breakfast pattie
(not as tasty as a real sausage one, but oh well, health comes first, the 'real' ones are reserved for special days...)
-. 1 cage-free egg (even if a little pricer, i make sure to buy "cage-free" eggs at the store, nothing like a hen/chicken 'free to run and scratch...' as one brand slogans...)
-. 1 whole grain english muffin (toasted or soft is your choice)
-. a-ha! for a little spice & punch, add some Jack Daniel's Horseradish mustard, yes! Jack Daniel's as in the Jack Daniels...

a great little breakfast full of protein, low fat and vegetarian

it was nicely accompanied by 1 (or was it 2? heh heh) cups of great home-brewed coffee, an Ethiopian medium roast, very nice... ah! a good start for a day