Thursday, April 20, 2006

the ghost writer

"... for she felt quite weightless, and might as easily have been floating up as down."

-the ghost writer, john harwood
a lovely very rich book so far

as i finished in julian
in perfect time, another of those strange/astonishing coincidences place-meets-time
murakami's a wild sheep chase
another life-changing story thrown at your feet by mother chance

highly recommended! both


first movie movie uploaded on YouTube
getting into these user-generated sites like the blogger blog!

Sinuhe copies and pastes

many many years ago i read Sinuhe The Egyptian, a novel by Mika Waltari
today here at work and not sure why

all of a sudden Sinuhe and his descriptive walks on the arid desert
also the battlefields, came to my mind
i think i read it at least 15 years ago... never thought of it until today, right now

but while here at work i am dealing with HTML, stupid Cold Fusion and Fusebox that I don't understand

I ended doing a little process that requires a lot of simple old fashioned

now i feel that for Sinuhe his job of walking those dusty battlefields

was as pasty and boring as my COPY/PASTE
but just his walks, not the rest of his life, no, just the dusty walks
but at least both me and Sinuhe have a job
and a job is sometimes, a lot of boring work

do i need help though? maybe just a chat with old Sinuhe would be fine
too bad i don't have
Mycroft's Prose Portal to at least make an attempt...

not related but check this out pictured below, avant-garde experimental 20's precious stuff