Friday, April 07, 2006

die pakete!

mmm... paquetitos! (drooling ala homer style...)

a jaime jaime from spain i met him (have never met in person)
many many many
many years ago posting stuff on the web of our favorite band of all times sonic youth si señor!
me mando fotos y postales, sus gloriosas y experimentales fotos
muchos eme pes y tres entre los cuales
y luego tenemos a...
o what a lovely girl the ex of my friend perro, a lovely tall gorgeous blue-eyed girl from seattle chips in a box, she knows i can't find the dill pickle ones in san diego anymore and that i really like them so she sent them o well well!

<> o and from other lovely adorable friends. life pays back anyway with paquetitos o heck yes!

gracias jaime! y thank you andrea

the constant wife

last tuesday and throughout a feral san diego rain
(as we don’t have loads of)
i entered the sublime realms of the old globe theater
(modeled after shakespeare’s old globe in london)
lovely the wood structure
o lovely and grand!

the play was the constant wife
a delightfully witty play on the fragile equilibrium that sustains marriage (or doesn’t)
and well on other love-affairs too
henny russell as constance middleton went gratifyingly fine

vive le grand somerset maugham!
and thanks susan, for taking me along, unexpectedly
can’t wait for the next play

below one of the rehearsal rooms
hey! i like perusing around

fito, ay fitillín de san martín

from a friend's note
weber, la sunny san diego no separace en nada a la
lluviosa naucalpan, así como en la meteorología como
en la vida, llueve sobre mojado diría el poeta fito paez

and this i reply to the friend:
ay si mire usted
a los santos a los que yo les rezo
para ver si hay, aunque chiquito,
algún progreso
o un recuerdo
o una historia buena
una de esas, de suspenso
what a shame! fitillín que bueno que no eres tú
tan grueso, ni tan denso...

friday, a morning-olvidado-zapato case

although i work in a laid-back-on-the-dressing-code office (my boss hasn’t wear anything else but jeans for the past couple of days, moths, years)

i am not supposed to come into the office with my after-shower sandals, here fresh stinky photo of my 'casually-dressed' feet (still smell like cheese)

hmmm? friday morning too distracted/too late forgot to change them for ‘regular zapatos' before leaving home, i didn't realized until a little chill wind felt cold between my toes

o damn! a medicine-against-distraction request! o yeah and still slacking going out to take the cold pix and well, back to work, i guess...