Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Mr. Spock

RIP Mr. Spock, and Leonard Nimoy.
Leonar Nimoy was a vegetarian,
Mr. Spock, a vegan.
Mr. Spock, Vulcan, a non-violent species, won't kill animals for food
Like most Vulcans, Spock is a vegetarian, but really a Vegan!
Vulcans are a nonviolent species,
which is reflected by their eating habits.
"Ideally, do no harm. . . As far as possible, do not kill.
Can you return life to what you kill?"
This philosophy would most likely imply that
Vulcans are not just simply vegetarians, but VEGAN-
a very strict type of vegetarian who
consumes NO animal products whatsoever.
For example, a Vulcan would see no logic in
raising an animal to consume its eggs,
as that could be considered taking a life.

Leonard Nimoy was a talented artist NOT only Mr. Spock
I Vulcan-salute you Leonard Nimoy & Mr. Spock!

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