Monday, September 11, 2006

bad news and good news

the bad news
as i parked my car tonight
i hit a piece of sidewalk i didn't see
then tired starts to deflate...
it has a big hole (about 2.5 cms slot)
and by now the left side in on the floor

tomorrow to fix it
tonight was too late to call the tire place
i need to buy a new one

the good news
before the slashed tired
and after work
i stopped by one of the cinephile's best friends in san diego
that is
kensigton video

and old fashioned store
where you can find, anything! almost
any cult, foreign, old, mute, classic, or of any genre
film that was ever made

and they did have what i was looking for

carlos saura's film "deprisa, deprisa"
they just had it on VCR tape, but that's how i have 1/2 of my own movies too
so my VCR is ready to roll

tomorrow tuesday will be movie night for sure
this recommendation came from a nice remarkable source
so i am sure it is worth to watch!

oh yes, one thing i don't need with a spanish movie
is the english subtitles...

september 11 note
another sad anniversary
being 2001, i was working then at the san diego blood bank
i remember how the blood donors made a line that needed to go around the main blood bank building, there were so many blood donors, that they didn't fit in the building

the blood bank staff (me included) worked for 3 days about 16 hrs per day, trying to assist the donors

i was intense to be there...

sadly these days, the blood levels for hospital use in san diego is so low that there's an emergency shortage in blood, sad how it seems that a tragedy needs to happen to call our attention