Sunday, April 09, 2006

sunday well well

aa just had dinner around the corner of my house
literally... since it is the same block, literally
i had a falafel sandwich and a athene beer the greek lager beer hmm?
and a nice refreshing talk with long-time friend jeff
just a beer a sandwich and a friend
was peaceful and nice
and now waiting for the simpsons newest episode at 8

i usually go to a friend's house (perro) every sunday at night
for the new simpson's episode
a little nice tradition that at least 4 or 5 of our friends together have

tonight i am skipping the reunion since the wedding was with them
and his cats (mis nephews got me all allergic) yet jeff is one of the simpson's night member
and i am happy he made it around normal heights for the beer and falafel

i badly needed food after helping my friend miriam the whole morning
to move boxes around for the moving to florida
so sad! but happy that she is starting a new fresher phase in her life

so a quiet mellow sunday with jim o'rourke on the back
aaa alone in my little egg and liking it so much

good sunday good night ah the short list is on tonight as well
right one
some wine and candies and tea!
making a pot of ceylon tea courtesy of bob walsh at work

i almost relaxed and mellow that i almost wish i was not
'cause this dull i can't write much or at least i can't write tragically-comedy-like
so i sort of dull writer suck
for after this year of intense emotions and missing like hell and the rest
i think i deserve a peaceful quiet nice sunday
specially since my b=day is coming!!! 37 years old is not to mess around with
heh heh

me good night and good luck