Saturday, October 17, 2015

I, Chicken and Vegan Outreach at Balboa Park

Today was a great day! #VeganOutreach #IChicken #PETA #BalboaPark
I got to work with my dear friend Ellen for the animals
we leafleted hundreds of materials
Vegan Outreach Compassionate Choices,
Vegan Starter Kits from PETA
Truth or Drought leaflets (which I proudly designed)
SeaWorld information (anti-captivity anti-SeaWorld)
and FARM's You Have Been Lied To (please read these leaflets the have the most complete information on all the natural resources used for every animal we eat, it is very eye-opening to see this!)
People were kind and receptive today!
Me and Ellen at Balboa Park, our favorite place for vegan outreach
At the park were also our friends from PETA
with the exhibit "I, Chicken"
a fantastic virtual reality experience and lets you
see how chickens are taken from an open field
into a cage, and eventually a conveyor where
they will be killed.
The video is cartoon-like and is not gory at all,
there is no blood or violent images, so it's apt for children.
PETA did a great job, read more about it.
The I, Chicken team traveled from Los Angeles to educate about chickens and animal suffering
My dear friend Izabela, vegan, activists and music fan, we saw Morrissey together! #MozArmy
Christopher Locke, author of Persimmon Takes on Humanity
Brian, Mexican American super cool vegan activist and girl watching I, Chicken
People were really interested on the experience and understood how chickens felt in cages and conveyor belts