Tuesday, March 27, 2007

dacron polyester & the LEVI'S of the 70's

i found these very trippy TV commercials from the 70's!
wow, LEVI'S jeans publicity back then: psychedelia
here we go! the quality & style of the animation
i think is amazing for those years

and don't miss the Evolution one

Monday, March 26, 2007

sunday: ikea

a rather strange weekend
but sunday night i decided to visit
one of my favorite stores
i've been needing a chest of drawers for a while
and i thought that the relaxing mood of putting together
a piece of furniter could be nice
for a sunday night

here Stranda

before & after (oh & the little lamp, from IKEA too)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


as yesterday
i have a new friend/pet/roommate!
he is from Singapore
and his name is Koyaki
short name: Kiyo

i named him Kiyo
because of a book that Lisa gave me
Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima
Kiyo was this young character
a beautiful japanese adolescent
as this Kiyo, the fish,
is beautiful too, the name fits him

Kiyo is a peach-colored betta fish
with a Half-Moon tail
i will try to get a picture when he expands his tail
it's beautiful!

oh, i really like my new friend
and I got him a live plant for his fish-bowl
even he doesn't move around that much
as a cat or a dog, but sadly i am allergic to those bigger pets

welcome little Kiyo to my world ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

give ice-cream a chance!

today was a nice quiet day
it was very cloudy
just saw a shy attempt of sunlight
for about 1 hr

yet it was peaceful and nice
i was able to go for a longer walk
went to mitsuwa (japanese grocerie store)
and ate at the little restaurant at front
a mini-beef bowl w/pickled veggies and rice

i got 2 packages of tea bags at the store
and some seaweed salad to go
(i love that stuff)

then in reward for my long walk
and for surviving a hell of a busy week at work
i got myself an ice-cream cone
the waffle kind (miss d advice)
with strawberry ice-cream
from the store a block away from my home
it is natural ice-cream and the store is famous in San Diego
Mariposa Ice-Cream is the name of the place
is decorated with The Beatles paraphenalia
posters of Jhon, Paul, Ringo, George
and records, etc.
a charm of a place!
and was voted best home-made ice-cream in San Diego in 2005
please watch this video here & then click on "watch the video" under the photo to the right
it is great! the owners are 60's childs :)
another ice-cream cone
here what somebody wrote on this great place that is just one block from my house

Who could have guessed that hippies and ice cream made a perfect match?

Well, I suppose lots of people could have, but who could have guessed that hippies would have it together enough to actually open and maintain a store? These hippies do, and god bless'em for it. Lots of different flavors, homemade cones, and friendly people.

Sunday and a foto of a day ago
the kitchens are also a magical place of any home
or at least i think so...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

2 bags

the bright light blue one to the right
carried the lunch containers, empty now

the brown paper classic bag to the left
contained my dinner of that night:
vegetarian soup and dinner salad w/1 slice of bread
from this vegetarian restaurant Jyoti Bihanga
very close to my house

camera nikkormat, iso 400 film
i do carry a lot of food around...

interpreter of maladies

i just finished reading
44. interpreter of maladies
a collection of stories
by jhumpa lahiri

i just can say:

you'll know why if you read it...

blue mail box

I saw her this morning again
The woman by the parking lot

She walks fast from the office
To the sidewalk across
Deposits her letters
An oblong mail blue box

As she walks under the shadows that the buildings
On the floors of pavement have drawn
She shivers and holds her arms
Rubbing one against other
To heat from that rhythmical cold-warm-cold

And when there’s a gap between buildings
& the sun heats the before-cold-nothingness
just then she lets her arms go
Stretches soundly
& Turning her head a bit up
smiles soft to the sun

The letters, the bills
envelops of different sizes, various colors, textures, and sorts
Are on their way to a destiny
Always for me

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

greek mountain tea

for me is one or two cups of coffee in the morning
but the rest of the day, tea!
all kinds: black, herbal, green, rooibos
a co-worker introduced me a couple of days ago
to an unknown tea for me, the Greek Mountain tea

below from different web-sites
interesting facts on it
it tastes fresh and herb-like
and it seems to be very good for you
here here

Mountain Tea is enormously popular in Greece, and used most often in winter when levels of physical activity decrease and colds, aches, and pains increase. It is said to have a positive effect on almost anything that ails but, most notably, it is used for colds, respiratory problems, digestion, the immune system, mild anxiety, and as an anti-oxidant. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever.

more here

my door and the daylight savings

a soft knocking
on the door
this morning
a mild stroke, again
since it's almost melodic

intrigued opened it
was the sunlight

my door, this weekend

today after work
i walked to the beach
to ocean beach, to watch the sunset
since today we had the daylight savings
the beach was more crowded than usual
many sandiegans were celebrating that
being our clocks one hour fast
we can catch the sunset
after a day of working at the office

i was able to catch a very little of it...
a last wedge of señor Sol
behind the sea
like a shy man
tired after a whole day of work
he was going home
to rest and from us

i took a whole roll of film
have to wait for the developing (sigh)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

laundry room

Happiness seems to happen
In modest places…
Such as laundry rooms, if in the city
And on the unexpected turns of the water curse of a small water creek…
While walking in the woods
Sun sparkling over slow running water

Joy doesn’t need pompous palaces
Nor majestic spaces

The smell of fresh clean clothes
On a sunny day
Can make it…

normal heights - san diego, california
FujiFilm ISO 200 - march 03, 2007

since last week I finally have a laundry room at home
it is a little spooky but every laundry room has a different 'personality'

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


today i learnt that green is the color of prosperity

a.m. parking lot after a morning rain - san diego, ca
camera nikkormat, fujifilm superia X - iso 400 / march 3, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

chocolate jesus

a superb performance of mister tom waits

'... this is song for those of you in the audience that have trouble getting up on Sunday and going into church...'

i am always thrilled when I find footage like this!
a must-watch!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

mushroom soup

There is people with beady eyes
There is people with big heads

There is people with open-hearts
There is people stubborn like hell
(my case)

The question is
what have you become as today?

Have you?…
Beady eyes?
An Open mind?
Do you own a small or big head?
Or are you, like me, sometimes scared like hell?

Are you the black sheep of the family or the nice guy?

Are you similar to the idea you had of yourself as an adult when you were just a kid?

when I was a child I used to imagine how I would be when I grow up
I am rather different… but so it is life, the perception I had of it

the unexpected results of adult life
time transforms us in ourselves
As I am sure we’ll be different in the future of what we have planned ahead

In the meantime, I find out who I will become
And all of my dearest friends,
When the years come over, rolling up on us...
I make some mushroom soup

Preparing the aliments
A heartening timeless human activity
Enduring, as few things are in life
While contemplating the textures of vegetables
Their colors their smells
Life floats again
Steams fills out the kitchen
The aroma of life boiling there…

not to miss the 70's soundtrack, ha!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

next july...

if a daydream comes true
the sky, & not one bird
but two...

two seagulls & sun
cardiff by the sea, california - february, 2007