Thursday, August 10, 2006


i found out the cause of the nausea on tuesday
i had a migraine coming on

are one of the worst things that my body has ever been through
this one was a really hard one
i get migraines about every 3 months
but this one was probably one of the hardest ones i ever felt

i left the office in the middle of a puking festival on tuesday
and ended at the emergency room
thanks to perro-friend and my lovely non-speaking english aunt that were with me

not a good tuesday after all but medication did it for me this time

the doctor gave me two shots that made a whole difference though
a toradol double injection
followed by a 'being very high' sensation but with some relief
and another single shot of reglan to stop the nausea
this might be gross but hey! it is my gross blog
so i can write any gross stuff eh?
before the shots, i vomited about 20 times
10 at the not-very-clean-office bathroom
and at least another 10 at home

and well the photo below shows
how your heads feels while having one of these lovely
headaches called migraines
i wonder what people in the past used to do
when this kind of pain was going on and medication wasn't invented yet
mmm? guess that's why the mortality rate was so high

i really thought, the way i felt tuesday that that was it
but no! here i am again & still
oh well!