Monday, August 28, 2006

monday monday

my t-shirt
½ bleach chlorine
½ soap softener

but both
halfs are a whole
very strong!!
I changed the working clothes

But the t-shirt
of now
They all, smell the same

Happy half
the other one

A bifurcate
A matter of freaking bifurcated smell!

Dunno if I like it or not

the fotos are from March 30, 2005

Mission bay area, i just have had my camera for 4 months

That’s the case…

I think I am just basically
Pissed (La donna è mobile, for more see Giuseppe Verdi)

When you feel saying
Diciendo suave letra por letra

Like that ( i wonder if i can post bad words? i will see now...)

I think is the knee
Heating pad all day
Then de-frosted my dinner there
Ice freaking agrrrr therapy should read

I tried to walk faster
And damn…

It sucks
So I am pissed (la donna e still freaking and more and more mobile)

The clothes…

After all
The clothes
Smell very nice

A tom waits without beer-sucks
Listening night
Tom waits
Most definitively fucking so…
What I need

Good night

Here some boats

From a long ago when my little canon seemed like enough

a long ago is not
3.2 megapixels and ah sigh

I need a new camera too…
who could be like steve austin/lee majors
a bionic knee
and a bionic camera like...

complain complain complain
Monday night

hackers & painters, good & bad procrastination

paul graham
notable programmer, writer, hacker, painter
author of
hackers & painters

writes this little essay on good and bad procrastination
don't miss it, i think is worth reading...
maybe you'll save it for... mmm, let's see... later?

monday morning ride

There is some sort of commonly beauty
Hidden on the Monday morning ride
A mixture of melancholy of the gone lost weekend

Guilt for the leisure hours
Longing for the rest not quite improved…
With the assurance of a routine day
A week of word ahead

And where did the weekend go?
No more free time to wonder off

The routine dictates decisions
Otherwise hard to make by your own
Gratis are hours of the weekend
Freedom burns like in-jail
with you so far-away

Monday morning ride
Back to work
to the known life

Its certainty gives it
A typical-coffee-early-like
Crisp-linen-white shirt clean
to i miss...
& you know?

A long flight metallic bird
away from here
And some & many mysteries
will be unveiled or not…

but as Pliny the Elder (23 AD - 79 AD) long ago said:
“In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain.”

A good working week ahead
I need to concentrate and work
And I pretty much

more silly and yet confused woman portrayed