Sunday, August 30, 2009

extreme heat in San Diego, are we all going to melt away here?

only a few words
since my computer is on one
of the warmest spots of this little home
i'll let the images talk

since Friday, we, here in San Diego,
been having this extreme heat wave

the whole summer has been on the cool side
some hot days, but with cooler evenings, etc.
but as August finishes, comes along the hottest month
for Southern California, September

these are the monsters of Sun
who are keeping us down and hot

today is the last day of August and
it's so damn hot!!!

here poor Herr Gato
trying to take a nap and cooling off by some ice pacs
i left for them on the floor
i have a very small portable air conditioner
which i've been leaving on at the Mega-Cool setting
supposedly it cools off the room to a 64°F temperature
well, even with it blasting off
the temperature inside my house reaches up to a 86°F
about 30°C... i feel so bad for the gatos
trying to keep them cool, but i am afraid
we all have a headache and feel like wasted pieces
of hot rub...

here a copy/pasted section of our
**Special Weather Statement**
Statement as of 6:01 PM PDT on August 29, 2009

... Continued very warm through next week...

The dome of high pressure over the southwest responsible for our hot
weather the past few days will drift east and weaken slightly
through Monday. However... while temperatures will be a few degrees
lower... it will still be very warm with highs well above average for
this time of year.

Greatest cooling effects through Monday will be in the coastal zones
from a shallow marine layer where highs will range from the upper
70s at the beaches to the low 90s a few miles inland.

Farther inland... away from the cooling effects of the marine
layer... it will remain very warm. Inland valley highs will range
from 95 to 105... the lower deserts from 108 to 113 degrees... and the
upper deserts from 95 to 105. Mountain highs will range from 85 at
6000 feet to near 100 in the foothills.

Looking ahead to next week... the heat wave will continue through at
least next Thursday as the upper high rebuilds over the southwest.
Cooler weather is forecast over the Labor Day weekend as a trough of
low pressure moves across California.

Prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke by avoiding strenuous
activities during the hottest part of the day. Wear light-colored
and loose-fitting clothing and drink plenty of water. Never leave
people or pets in enclosed automobiles... even for a short time.