Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

the witch day!
I ate many candies already waiting for the trick-or-treaters
that have not arrived yet!
mmm? sugar crush tonight

here my ultimate American Halloween celebration
my favorite Threehouse of Horror episode
the one with the clones of Homer
the only thing better than Homer Simpson
is many Homers Simpson
Send in the Clones! and Happy Halloween

Monday, October 30, 2006

de luz

arquitectura, edificios y sombras
todo el espacio, cada mañana
y todo el día... como si fuera
la vida
mesa college library, san diego, california
may 19, 2005

the line of beauty

Mondays are strangely productive days
or at least so feels like it
perhaps because the lack of activities during the weekend?

Anyhow, this busy Monday brought some sense of closure
i finished a rapid but important project at work
left on my hands just Friday night

and most importantly…

I finished the Line of Beauty [link to an extract of the book] tonight!
500 and one pages
and worth reading each and single one!
It was a long road, it took me any months
and a couple of books and short stories in between
but tonight (and miss d Ii know you'd be glad!) I read the
last 40 pages on a seat and holding a deep sigh

a superbly written book!
And after all I did get involved with the story
and very fond of Nick Guest, the gay hero of the 80's London
dancing with the "Lady" and snorting cocaine...

I am glad it is over though
it is magnificently written and beholds some of the most beautiful English sentences I have read without being overpowering at all
I guess that is one of the charms of this book, that the structure, the words, the scenes the come and develop naturally, not in over-done literature, words aren't pretentious, they are just perfect after each other... yet, it is long! And the plot could seem flat if your perception is not used to explore characters in literature, it could seem awfully long and awfully slow if not trained in the love of reading but one long but delicious book

501 pages and the line of beauty mister Alan Hollinghurst, for me has drawn, thank you!

and I just found out that in Britain they are making the TV series of it! wow!


@ miss d: i have finished it! :)

@ thilo: i didn't skip to the last page after all... i read one by one ;)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

obey: red shopping cart street ways

north park - san diego, california

down or up?

is life coming down?
or it is going up?
depends how you see it...
quite there quite not...

again, just 3 years after Cedar Fire
that is considered the second largest wild fire in USA
in Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties

another Southern California Fire
helped by the Santa Ana conditions
is again happening

that red wind that keeps us under fire

you can feel it! the blue sky covered by grey smoke
sore throats, itchy eyes
and seeing the woods burn

---- from Wiki
Santa Ana winds on popular culture

  • The Santa Ana winds are referenced in the Raymond Chandler short story "Red Wind," in which the author describes the winds as such: "[T]hose hot dry [winds] that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch. On nights like that every booze party ends in a fight. Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks. Anything can happen." Appropriately, this Chandler passage is read by Chris Stevens (John Corbett) at the beginning of the episode "Ill Wind" of the TV series Northern Exposure. This passage is also quoted by Ed Asner in his role as Lou Grant in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" as an example of how to write prose.
  • Bad Religion mentions the winds, using their nickname "murder winds," in the song "Los Angeles Is Burning" from the album Empire Strikes First. "When the hills of Los Angeles are burning/ Palm trees are candles in the murder winds/ So many lives are on the breeze/ Even the stars are ill at ease/ And Los Angeles is burning."
  • There is also a band named The Santa Ana Winds Youth Band.
  • There is a reference made to the winds in the Steely Dan song, "Babylon Sisters"
  • The Beach Boys song "Santa Ana Winds" appears on their 1980 album Keepin' the Summer Alive.
  • The song LA Woman by the Doors references taking a look around "see which way the wind blows" and contains imagery in which the city's "hair is burnin’ hills are filled with fire."
  • The song Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle has the lyrics "I remember the rain on our skin. And his kisses hotter than the Santa Ana Winds."
  • The Santa Ana winds are important to the plot of the book White Oleander by Janet Fitch.
  • The song "Catch My Disease" by Ben Lee has the lyrics "She told me about the winds from Santa Ana/And thats the way I like it."
  • The Winds were featured prominently in the October 22, 2006 episode of the ABC series "Brothers & Sisters."
  • The Santa Ana Winds are referred to in the song "I love L.A" by Randy Newmann Lyrics: " And the Santa Ana Winds blowing hot from the north"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


as I arrived today from work (late)
I found my printed copy of WIRED magazine

I read on one sit this article
Battle of the New Atheism
on the always controversial theme of the existence of God
the article is brightly written by Gary Wolf
and exposes the ideas of, and as a starting point,
the newest hyper-rationalizers as Richard Dawkins
who has just published his book The God Delusion
(and who by the way, needs 'badly' a new web-site design, if you checked his site above, linked to his name, you'd know...)

the article is rather interesting!
it might start with the new atheists but it goes gradually through diverse religions and non-religious groups to capture points of view...

interesting to find this sort of articles on WIRED magazine

cruz de lejos y una mosca por accidente
sombras también...

Ps. and probably worth to mention that I am not an atheist... more on the agnostic side, in any case, raised 'hardcore' catholic but not professing formaly (sinner, you might read heh heh)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

before the music dies

great trailer from a movie I can't wait to be able to watch
before the music dies
you can watch different versions of trailers on their myspace site

Friday, October 20, 2006

"Les Triplettes de Belleville"

the movie is a unique french cartoon animation
and although this intro with the song of the movie
has a very different style from the movie,
it is a classic itself
the Triplets appear in it and some controversial celebrities from the 20's & 30's
per [link]
see if you recognize anybody
worth watching both, the movie and this little intro below

did you see Mr. F.A.? eaten by his own shoes? hilarious!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

jasper fforde & line of beauty on hold

I can't finish the book the Line of Beauty
(not even the last page ;) heh heh)
officially on hold...

but decided to start The Well of Lost Plots
by Jasper Fforde
literature that is the most fun!

I have read the first 2 of the series
The Eyre Affair
Lost in a Good Book

Fiction about books and more fiction and literature
in few words: characters from different books travel among books and exchange characters, being the central character agent Thursday Next, who has a Dodo bird (Pickwick) for pet

trippy fun books!

no work

before 9am
i called sick
to my office
i've been saving my vacation time
for next spring
but i just can't make it today
my belly hurts
and i am just exhausted

what sucks about my office
is that the first day you call in-sick
has to be taken from your vacation time
the second sick day is taken from your sick time

so you can't use your sick time
unless you take one day out of vacation
so here goes one day less of vacation
but one day more of longer use of my bed
and my TV and books

back to watch the inside of my eyelids and rest

have a good day, rest of the world
i turn my back today and zzz instead

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

driving forward, dreaming backwards

driving forward
dreaming backwards
watching through rearview mirrors
an instance of time

there are moments in life
when you are completely alone
mind & body-wise
no friends
no love
no family

not in the distance
not in the mind

alone with yourself
the creative process starts…
& now, you know who you really are

i was just startled by the visual outcome
that your persona brings out!

i was always a lonely child
solitude of a woman
a split second
and here i am, 37 years later
the same nucleus notion of when i was 11 or 12
and somehow i am not surprised

one never really changes
a blessing?
a nuisance?
if you like who you are

i don’t like myself much
but i am glad i am
as in existence
here, in the experiment of life
for better for worse
just hope it doesn’t
in my face
explodes! ha

at you, i smile
and ask
where you a shy or loud child?
did you get good grades? or bad ones?
did your parents have to scold you?
or you did all your homework alright!?
one day i hope to tell me
with a smile

blank blank blank
type type type
got fill out all the blank spaces out

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

new guinea singing dog

I saw this lovely wild dog on the TV morning news
couldn't resist to tape it!
oh but sadly after uploading to youtube
I realized that the sound is desynchronized!
if you still want to watch, please click play, the pooch is extremely cute!

more on this breed
according to
New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society

"The NGSD has several unique vocalizations. The howl they are named for is similar to a wolf howl with overtones of whale song.When in a group, one animal starts and then others join on different pitches, each with its own unique voice. Some NGSD vocalizations resemble birdcalls. They also whine, yelp, bark ( a short "woof" like that of a wolf) and scream ( a drawn-out yelp)." -NGSDCS

some of their vocalizations on a link to a .wav file

flash victim

your flash creations could turn against you!
cool flash movie forwarded by a friend
click on PLAY to start

Monday, October 16, 2006


a while ago
i found these catalog of paintings on 23hq.com
rather interesting drawings
specially the themes
that include penguins, ufo's, zombies, women flashing (as showing their breasts), mermaids, and other nudes...

when i visited the website posted there
i realized is the work of a different painter and his wife

just showcasing what i have found
i thought of the zombies tonight
here Zombie dislikes Mermaid
they are funny and rather strange

Saturday, October 14, 2006

a joyous note

thankful for
one man's invention ...
and for a dearest friend disposition & time
today was touched before my noon with magic
the distances seemed shorter
and my dreams tasted more real

still smiling...
and Thilo!
here are your friends
so you don't miss them
(I didn't include them in this morning's foto 'cause they are almost dry by now...)
but here they are from the days when they were full blooming!
the first Thilo Sonnenblume...

and the next 2 smaller ones...

the last one to bloom was a little lazy and first just opened 1/2 of the petals, the next day was complete...

sun & rain, early san diego

san diego 9.30 this morning
it is a little sunny
but it is also raining

i like it when that unusual combo happens

Friday, October 13, 2006


after a long week
what's left for me is time of guilty pleasure
some mindless tv
with one of the few tv shows i enjoy

maybe because watching an obsessive compulsive detective
makes me feel a little more normal
and it's a funny show

Thursday, October 12, 2006

yes, panic attack and pizza

and a beer (new castle so it was good while it lasted)
and frustration
and i feel like a quirky old woman
and i am one!
and neurotic!
and every day seems harder
to socialize with live people
or with people

and people think i am nice
and i am simple
and i just wish many days
many nights
that i could disappear from my own existence

i had 2 cats once
but i changed countries
i had a dog once but she died

i had 2 beta fishes, same luck
now i am allergic to most pets
and to most company
as tonight has been felt

i just can't stop thinking of that
conversation with alex & lisa...

if humans (me included) could be less self-centered
and more educated, not educated as much as in "knowledge"
but in the kind of knowledge that teachs you how to be respectul
and tolerant, that kind of education

so as i resumed on the drunk conversation
the biggest problems of humanity:
ignorance and too much self-importance

some nights like tonight
i wish i could live alone in the woods
no escaping

stressed? no!
just freaking pure human crazy frustration
a diary of a miss-communication
or too much writing?
i wish i could get rid of this feeling
not sure where it came from...

Myself not that tonight well and it is always better when the only ones speaking are the buildings

and yes guess order word altering message
sorry if it is bad written
mechanical and in a hurry and:
the head state
bit or much of anxiety

the work, not done
i can't concentrate at work
for personal reason, for time accessibility
then i come home and think of work
what's due in soon
and the damn catalog

then the possibilities
and the ideas & my life and messages
and my own self always so unfinished
and not a symphony, precisly

i have always had trouble with time'

there is never enough of it
i am too slow
in some stuff
too fast in some other
times comes fast times goes slow
the opposite

gotta walk now thursday 7.30pm
to a close restaurant
to meet the recently 'fired' from work co-worker

i guess the expectation of the meeting
talking work and unemployment
dark old days reminders
of my own self-injustice (to self)
helps with this mood
stress ful
and of course the distance...

the "not-sure if we are talking about the same" sensation

just hope and enough of speculation
i miss you and that's just fucking frustration
oh so well for the blog swearing
a relief of stress -comes like a 'modern' declamation

blank stares
walk back -relief yet colder

i have never been good at guessing situations
or neither to portray instances too complicated

i guess because age and language personal have-to-if-live-here-want-to transformation
has thought me boldness that comes as...
another declamation?

i better walk now

as usual i am late
i have calculated
in 2001 i was 4hrs late general/average in my life

today comes to around 1.5 hrs late
tonight i will just be late to see susan, 15 minutes?
the life of a flake... progressing

tonight sounds like i might have a
panik attack]
and then
some pizza...
haven't been such a typical thursday in san diego
since 2003...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

¿y para qué?

la pregunta que ha inspirado
a la vez que decepcionado...
tanto a filósofos como a científicos
pero que al parecer,
nunca se pregunta entre amantes

de la naturaleza de la vida
y sus human-made divisiones

noche letárgica
y esta sensación
que no es fresca
pero tampoco obscena

last october: hardwood and asthma

the cracks in the sound of the wood of this floor
my feet have posed
them sounded
a step
a step, then alive

(more than my breathing)
has not been
(out of sadness)
that loud

they crack at the heat
cracked out of cold

not dead yet
not a requisite

still alive

as I wish
it was
the tempest
in my hum
this night

Monday, October 09, 2006


kraftwerk as September of 1975
the earlier stages of their machine music
autobahn (for those restless German drivers)
watch this great and very informative cool little video

I have been a Kraftwerk fan for over 10 years since the early 90's
so it was a full-filled dream to see them at the Hollywood Bowl last year
they were a neat piece of machinery music
the graphics, videos and visual experiments they projected on giant screens
were stunning, it was all visual perfection
songs like Tour de France and Numbers were unforgettable pieces of performance
not to mention Robots, (i highly recommend this link) that where 4 robots replaceing the members of the band
And as the band recall themselves: "Sometimes after the concerts people come backstage more to see the 4 robots than ourselves..."

here as I saw them in 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A.
as you can see, they did dropped the keyboards and created a new genre
they are the Godfathers of Electronic music, indeed
let's see if you resist to dance to their
Perception Mechanic...

I think my favorite Kraftwerk song is Spacelab from The Man Machine

a shame!

blogger is blocked at work!!!

after playing for a while with our web-sense
and going from disappointment to surprises
the set of which pages are restricted at my desk
it seems to be define by now...

23 is Gracias-a-Dios accessible, actually it is the site I would miss the most if restricted
I go there now & then just to take refugee from the other uglier digital world

my web-mails are open and working
and strangely but happily the foreigner blogs that doesn't belong to blogger
are open (smile)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


it was a bit after 5pm today
i was in the verge of napping
sun over my head
when that distinct feeling of being observed
wake me up

listened to the humming of a bird...
there was a Kolibri right on top of my head
very close
staring at me

i couldn't fall asleep anymore
but felt in agreeable company since then
as when you have received the visit of a dear friend

Friday, October 06, 2006

the future of the future...

will still contain the past
time goes slow and time goes fast

great song by deep dish and everything but the girl
and a strange highly-kissing video

it is the weekend! and there is a full moon

Thursday, October 05, 2006


lovely clay animation for young kids made in Switzerland
i used to watch these Pingu Episodes in Mexican TV, in Canal 11
the only decent TV channel in Mexico City

This is a nice episode: Pingu builds an Igloo
Althought it is missing Pingu's best friend Robbie the seal
I still enjoy them, even if I have been out of preschool for a while now

One thing that made these clay-cartoons so popular was the fact that they don't speak any specific language, but they communicate on "Penguinese"...


a great tool online for designers, photoshop users
or color-lovers in general...

visit the link and play a bit with the RGB bars
and see how a matching colour palette is created
you can export your palettes to Photoshop, Illustrator
and find PANTONE matches
or e-mail yourself the colors selected
pretty cool!


go padres go!

I am not a huge Baseball fan
but it is always nice to know the San Diego Padres are on the Playoff!
and it is contagious to see a lot of San Diegans wearing Padres T-shirts
they lost the first round against the St. Louis Cardinals
but hopefully on the second round (about to start now...)
the Sun Diego sunshine will shine for the Padres! GO Padres GO!

Monday, October 02, 2006


thanks to popefucker
who has an amazing collection of videos

here what i needed! and hope that
you, like me, start dancing shoe-less, ok, barefoot
on your living room...

or at least drum the fingers on your desk
c'mon & smile is
the beatles!!! they are here to rescue dull Monday nights

now sing along too...

Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know I need someone, help.

When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody's help in any way.
But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured,
Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors.

ah nice!

and so September is gone...

Arrive Monday morning at the office
To print October’s calendar of office-events

A mellow Sunday yet social enough

Walked early on lovely Normal Heights to 35th street
To have breakfast with Tina and Tony
Matthew & Jeff (visiting from Albuquerque,
a recent new father with a lovely 6 months old)
joined the fest

Walked back home
Couple of hours later, visitors came back to my house
To walk literally around the corner
Where you can find cozy The Ould Sod
Finest Guinness and Stella, other drafts
In San Diego
In the mood of a very small calm bar
Where SCRABBLE tournaments happen
would be a good practice for my sometimes broken-English
And the maximum capacity runs to 99
But present we were on a 2pm Sunday sunny
Afternoon, just 10
Then –what never happens to me
Took a long day nap!
Followed by Alex & Lisa visit with lemonade
The Guinness had left some strong after taste
thanks Lisa for coming!

Then dinner by myself and groceries shopping
In an indulgent phase
Flowers for my house and coffee to be back to work today

I missed your words!
But not your images
(I am glad i have some...)

Monday at the office back and again

October on the calendar hangs after printed
Now and for another 31 days…

Life around gets, still miss... ah! you

Recommended/remembered book of the day
I read it I think last year, for a lighter reading
with a superb dark mood
The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul
Douglas Adams, si señor!
I will have to confess that Odin's character left me some of his pickiness about the state of sheets, a fresh-made high linen class sheets, aaah! i want to take a nap now, but I have to work instead, oh! life...