Monday, February 10, 2014


part of being a vegan is trying to
create awareness of the animal suffering
and the huge environmental problems
along with health issues that brings
eating animals...
my main concern has always been
the animal suffering, so it's good
to let others know what animals go through
one of the most effective ways is leafleting!
this is what my friend Ellen, an admirable
animal rights activist in San Diego, and I
did this past Sunday, and Saturday at the
Chinese New Year Food and Cultural Fair
it was a great event, people were very receptive
and a couple stopped and asked more about
animals, vegan and vegetarian diets, and took
the leaflets home.
We gave away leaflets from Vegan Outreach
Vegetarian Starter kits from Mercy for Animals
and FARM. Statistics say that for every 100 leaflets
given, about one person goes vegan.
We gave away over 1,000 leaflets!
So we will have at least 10 new vegans!
Who hopefully will leaflet themselves
and will tell their friends & family about the
importance of respecting animals lives
and how inhumane is to eat animals
and the devastation we are creating in our planet
by raising animals for food!
I had a weekend full of hope!

me & Ellen leafleting at the Chinese New Year festival 2014