Tuesday, March 07, 2006

12 and in a night-train

She thought or knew
This is it then:
Being an adult, she meant
She was just 12
But was by herself riding an over-night train!
No mother, no granny, no aunts this time
Nobody accompanied her
She felt so fulfilled extremely independent

She was free, yet a bit afraid
A train station at night
And she, all by herself!
Has to remember all the instructions given

All the signals of concern
Trains were always a fascination for her
Specially the ones with night cabinets
Those that had toilets hidden on what looked like a chair

And long seats that became beds
Open a little bit that door cabinet and
Here it is a small lavatory with a nice mirror
Where she can see herself and her hair

She’s barely twelve
But she travels alone in a train
She can’t wait for the dinner hour
When all the passengers meet in the dinning car

She can’t avoid the excitement of
Of the reminiscence of The Lady Vanishes
Memoir on her head
One of her favorite movies
She watches mystery movies and reads Sherlock Holmes
Waiting to solve the imaginary mysteries she knots on her head
Who killed my neighbor upstairs? (the neighbor was fine & alive)
Who is black-mailing my English teacher? (the English teacher just had black teeth & lung from the 20 cigarettes a day but not a single spot on her 64 years of life, not to mention never a blackmail)

But this 12-year-old girl is highly imaginative
And now she travels alone in a train…

What occult mysteries would be waiting at the dinning car?
A friendly woman about to disappear maybe? In front of my face?
Or perhaps an assassination and a corpse will be thrown out of the fast-car?

As her mother warned her,
She should stop her highly-imaginative mind
No murderers nor mysteries this time
Just she's happy
Already traveling by herself in an over-night train
if something exciting is going to happen ever in her life
it is going to be tonight
what better occasion that a long night on a moving train?

This is how being adult is she thinks

but today
She snoozes out of her thoughts
today when she’s already 36 and is seating on a chair
Shared-office, a surviving half decent job
where she plays with images as she did back then

She realized she’s been day dreaming again
Of that night, when she traveled first
As an adult
Alone, at 12
On a midnight train

Still no mysteries to solve
Still nobody has disappear and nobody
For Sherlock Holmes or the
Enigmas of lost Egypt seem anymore to care

What a boring world
We live in now
All is blogs and e-chats

Was better when she was 12 since
Agatha Christie & Conan Doyle were popular back then…