Monday, November 08, 2010

Sherlock's chic scarf

i've never been a fashionista
& these days i wear mostly clothes
i either found on sale and
that don't make me look too fat...
sadly, my fashion sense has been pretty neglected

but as i watched the 3rd episode of Sherlock
which was a dark, more involved plot one
i realized, i am in love with Sherlock's scarf

it looks so soft, but the kind of softness that
comes with use, just like the patina developed
by the 400-year-of-use teapots from episode 2
The Blind Banker...

so trying to find out more about Sherlock's scarf
i did what any pertinent person does these days
i googled it! and what's my surprise
i am not the only one with a passion
for the scarf, the coat, 'Dr. Watson's' look,
or Sherlock's coat neck wear up!
there's even a new fashion-term
Sherlock chic!

check for yourself
on the Sherlocking Forums
and this article at the Independent

so if you see a scarf like the one he's wearing above
please let me know where
i want one, and who knows?
maybe i'll even start 'deducing' stuff myself too
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