Monday, October 30, 2006

de luz

arquitectura, edificios y sombras
todo el espacio, cada mañana
y todo el día... como si fuera
la vida
mesa college library, san diego, california
may 19, 2005

the line of beauty

Mondays are strangely productive days
or at least so feels like it
perhaps because the lack of activities during the weekend?

Anyhow, this busy Monday brought some sense of closure
i finished a rapid but important project at work
left on my hands just Friday night

and most importantly…

I finished the Line of Beauty [link to an extract of the book] tonight!
500 and one pages
and worth reading each and single one!
It was a long road, it took me any months
and a couple of books and short stories in between
but tonight (and miss d Ii know you'd be glad!) I read the
last 40 pages on a seat and holding a deep sigh

a superbly written book!
And after all I did get involved with the story
and very fond of Nick Guest, the gay hero of the 80's London
dancing with the "Lady" and snorting cocaine...

I am glad it is over though
it is magnificently written and beholds some of the most beautiful English sentences I have read without being overpowering at all
I guess that is one of the charms of this book, that the structure, the words, the scenes the come and develop naturally, not in over-done literature, words aren't pretentious, they are just perfect after each other... yet, it is long! And the plot could seem flat if your perception is not used to explore characters in literature, it could seem awfully long and awfully slow if not trained in the love of reading but one long but delicious book

501 pages and the line of beauty mister Alan Hollinghurst, for me has drawn, thank you!

and I just found out that in Britain they are making the TV series of it! wow!

@ miss d: i have finished it! :)

@ thilo: i didn't skip to the last page after all... i read one by one ;)