Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a late café

café cup 4.47 pm
not a good sign
tired, sleepy...
aura of the day

different from yesterday
and now a marvin gaye song started
not sure how made it to my hard disk
but doesn't fit now, although is a good song

my job is not hard
designer (i know sounds fun)
but some days...
i usually administer my own time
the eternal double edged sword
therefore, i procrastinate
until creativity has to come
because the dead-line is barely open
or has closed

visual aid doesn't come easily around
not today

coffee and a thought of you
a view of your small photo again
a little pinch of energy might bring
a distant imaginary smile of yours while you sleep
and some caffeinated hope

the knee still... {and thanks for good wishes clare :)}
is bringing me down
seems like double of work to walk anywhere
every where

a mental chair, to seat back mentally & relax.. would be fine
for a change